Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trevor Loudon says Shame on ACT Party founders

In an unprecendented act, the vice president of the ACT Party Trevor Loudon on Tuesday publicly condemned founders of the ACT Party for their part in the destruction of the apprenticeship system that was ended by the disasterous Rogernomics (often called Reaganomics) reforms in the late 1980's.

Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, free market ideologues, were both members of Labour at the time and key motivators behind the catastrophic reforms that left hundreds of thousands of New Zealands jobless, consumers burdened with the new GST tax, and surtax on superannuation, sending New Zealand socio-economics into a nosedive, something many believe it has never fully recovered from.

As equally important is the fact that the apprenticeship system that had been in place for many decades was left in complete disarray in affect ending it as a particle of New Zealand trade culture.

Loudon argued as expected that National were behind the demise of the apprenticeship but later acknowledged that ACT Party founders Douglas and Prebble's ultra right-wing Rogernomics reforms were in fact the main culprit behind the schemes demise.

Loudon concedes ,

"If ACT people were somehow to blame for this disaster, then shame on them"

This damning public criticism from ACTs own vice president couldn't come at a worse time for ACT who have consistantly failed to break the 1% threshold for failing parties and has slid from its 2% grip of the party vote to a consistant 1% since Loudon was voted in as vice-president of the party in 2006.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is that prick doing being a vice president of a party he clearly does not support.

Roger Douglarse said...

Loudoon you arsehole, you need to decide whether youre a mindless aimless free market ideologue like myself or not. If not then piss of out of our political party.

R Richardson said...

Suck my balls prickly Loudoon!

Anonymous said...

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