Sunday, January 20, 2008

Replies to recent accusations by the Nazi, Commie left.

Today I would like to answer some of the accusations made by melon green communists and terror supporters toward myself and my new cult called ZAPObjectoSheepologizm.

What is ZAPObjectoSheepologizm? Well as the name suggests its a mix of several pseudo-philosophy based cults and a bit of wham-bam sorry Sam, ram action out in the barn.

Firstly to the accusation that I am a member of or connected to the CIA. This is an obvious lie as you can tell by the sheer amount of fantasy based diatribe I post daily to my NewZealots blog that I have no connection whatsoever to any person or organisation that really knows anything closely resembling anything factual about the topics I raise.

Secondly to the accusation that I am a softcock libertarian like that weak arse Perigo.
Total poppycock! Im orthodox Objectivist through and through. If I were a weakcock David Kelley loving libertarian I would not be spending all my time attacking the honesty, integrity, and character of my opponents would I. You are either for us or you are an evasionist pinko commie. Remember, evasion is the root of all evil.

Thirdly to the accusation that I am suffering from McCarthyist Syndrome, also termed Pinkphobia.

To that I answer, the communist threat in this country is real. Reds are everywhere. If comprehending that is McCarthyistic Pinkophobia then so be it. I have spent the last few years putting together a dosier on anyone that disagrees with my beliefs. I call it my 'Red Commie Devils are Everywhere' book. But its true, as true as the impending alien invasion. Fortunately we have a dedicated group of nutters like myself that are ever vigilant of invasion.

Fourthly that I am paranoid, needing to dominate others (including my own followers) and can't handle criticism.

The person or persons that made these comments are obviously communists whose moral turpitude resembles that of nothing less than Stalin himself, and obviously has no psycho-epistemologistical insight into the reality that this country is being run by Stalinist terrorists. As that poofter Perigo pointed out here ( ), every individual in this country has a duty to throw off this Labour run totalitarian power-lusting melon green Government which has lost all claim to legitimacy and may now be 'overthrown with impunity' (Perigo).

Fiftly and lastly to the accusation that ZAPObjectoSheepologizm will be a cult like the other cults I got booted out of. The answer to that is, that type of accusation could only come from a melon green, commie, terrorist, invalid, evasionist, Zapatista loving, pinko who does not daily worship every word written by Ayn the goddess Rand!!!

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