Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trevor Loudon says Shame on ACT Party founders

In an unprecendented act, the vice president of the ACT Party Trevor Loudon on Tuesday publicly condemned founders of the ACT Party for their part in the destruction of the apprenticeship system that was ended by the disasterous Rogernomics (often called Reaganomics) reforms in the late 1980's.

Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, free market ideologues, were both members of Labour at the time and key motivators behind the catastrophic reforms that left hundreds of thousands of New Zealands jobless, consumers burdened with the new GST tax, and surtax on superannuation, sending New Zealand socio-economics into a nosedive, something many believe it has never fully recovered from.

As equally important is the fact that the apprenticeship system that had been in place for many decades was left in complete disarray in affect ending it as a particle of New Zealand trade culture.

Loudon argued as expected that National were behind the demise of the apprenticeship but later acknowledged that ACT Party founders Douglas and Prebble's ultra right-wing Rogernomics reforms were in fact the main culprit behind the schemes demise.

Loudon concedes ,

"If ACT people were somehow to blame for this disaster, then shame on them"

This damning public criticism from ACTs own vice president couldn't come at a worse time for ACT who have consistantly failed to break the 1% threshold for failing parties and has slid from its 2% grip of the party vote to a consistant 1% since Loudon was voted in as vice-president of the party in 2006.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anonymous hackers take on the Church of Scientology

Filthy Satan loving pinko [LEFTIST] baby eating hackers are attacking our beloved church.
A copyright violation claim by the Church of Scientology against the posting of one of its videos to YouTube has prompted a full-on assault by a group calling itself Anonymous.

The video, in which Tom Cruise proclaims, in part, that Scientologists are the only experts on the mind, was pulled by YouTube over the weekend at the request of the Church of Scientology as part of a long-standing effort to keep copyrighted material from appearing on the Internet. Other sites have since posted the Cruise video in full.

In response to the take-down of the Cruise video, a group of vigilantes--calling themselves Anonymous, or Anon--have retaliated against what they consider to be Internet censorship. The group includes computer experts capable of Internet mischief. In recent days, local chapter sites for the Church of Scientology have been defaced, and in some cases denial of service attacks have also prevented access to the same sites. Real-world attacks have included fax-spamming those same offices.

As an explanation for these attacks, Anonymous posted its own video to YouTube. In the video, a computer-generated voice speaks over a rolling cloudscape, effectively putting the Church of Scientology on notice:

"Over the years, we have been watching you, your campaigns of misinformation, your suppression of dissent, your litigious nature. All of these things have caught our eye.

"With the leakage of your latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation, the extent of your malign influence over those who have come to trust you as leaders has been made clear to us. Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed, for the good of your followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment.

"We shall proceed to expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form."

The video ends, with the following statement:

"We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget.
Expect us."

A Web site called Project Chanology details present actions and those in the works by Anonymous and others.

The Church of Scientology, founded in 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard, is not without previous controversy on the Internet. In 1996, it sued Internet service provider Netcom (now a part of EarthLink) over copyrighted texts posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. In 2003, the Church of Scientology attempted to sue a Dutch woman and her ISP over similar writings but lost. The Dutch case, had it ended differently, could have changed the way ISPs handle third-party links by its customers. In 2007, writer Keith Henson was arrested as a fugitive. Under a California law that criminalizes any threat against someone else's "free exercise" of religion, Henson was convicted in 2001 for making a comment on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup about sending a "Tom Cruise" missile to destroy the Scientology camp.

Source: Cnet, Pc world

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Scientologizm-File

Since putting this blog up we have been absolutely inundated with requests for more information about our wonderful Cult. So rather than answer all those emails individually, we have found this excellent induction clip which pretty much explains it all.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

L. Ron 'The Big H' Hubbards Drug Addiction Confessions

I do love you, even if I used to be an opium addict. – L. Ron Hubbard

A few wonderful facts about our glorious leader that often go amiss in our Dianetecs programs and are covered up by the media.

Beginning during the second world war, most people know that his career as a naval commander was nothing short of impressive, but what most don't know is that he was relieved of command some 3 times, ordered attacks on invisible Japanese submarines off the coast of Oregon, invaded Mexico and conducted non-authorised live fire exercises in Mexican waters.

After the war, The Big H met Jack Parsons, an associate of the British occultist Aleister Crowley. The Big H and Parsons engaged in the practice of ritual magick including an extended set of sex magic rituals called the Babalon Working, intended to summon a goddess or "moonchild."

Many people know about The Big H's multiple marriages but again, what the media hides from us is in an act of bigamy, The Big H married Parsons partner Sara Northrup.

However at the time of their later divorce she accused The Big Hubster of kidnapping their baby daughter Alexis, taking her to Cuba and of conducting "systematic torture, beatings, strangulations and scientific torture experiments."

It is widely known that in 1966 The Hubster tried to join the Ian Smith Government in the then Rhodesia but was eventually booted out.

But what they don't know is that after leaving Rhodesia he headed a new fleet of Scientology ships and lived at sea for the next 8 years exploiting workers and womyn, being served hand and foot by so-called teenage 'hooter girls'.

He gradually became more mentally unstable and instituted brutal punishments such as incarceration in the ship's filthy chain-locker for days or weeks at a time and "overboarding," in which errant crew members and children were blindfolded, bound and thrown overboard, dropping up to 40 ft. into the cold sea.

Virginia Downsborough relates a story reporting,

"We found him a hotel in Las Palmas and the next day I went back to see if he was all right, because he did not seem to be too well. When I went in to his room, there were drugs of all kinds everywhere.

He seemed to be taking about sixty thousand different pills.

I was appalled, particularly after listening to all his tirades against drugs and the medical profession. There was something very wrong with him... My main concern was to try and get him off all the pills he was on and persuade him that there was still plenty for him to do."

These are just a few tidbits from our fearless leaders illustrious career and I hope this has relieved any apprehensions you may have about joining our glorious church.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

UN Stalinist To Grill Government Over "Urewera 17"

Read the article at Indymedia

The rapporteur mentioned in this case is Prof. Rodolfo Stavenhagen. With a name like Rodolfo you will expect nothing short of Communist, Nazi'ist, leftesm set to drive this country into Soviet domination and acts of wanton un-married sexual intercourse.

With trotski loving pinkos like Rodolfo (pert near call him Adolfo) around, how is the New Zealand supposed to be able to act as it feels fit to, without accountability, a tenant of our great Libertarian ideology.

We have the right to do, that which we have a right to do.

Our usual front is to promote this right by misdirecting the public focus to solely about the liberty to transfer goods, however hiding behind all of that fracade is our belief that we (I mean our military police) should be able to seige any sector, town, village, suburb, school buses or ethnic group in our country with our Special Terrorisng Groups, anytime we feel our liberty is threatened.

We have the freedom and liberty to detain them all, even their fathers, mothers and children, number them, and hold them all at gunpoint, where said group even slightly interfers with our libertarian ideals.

What we don't need is the added hassle of these namby-pamby stalin-loving soviets like 'Adolfo' and his totalitarian U.N playing guilt conscious with us. We live in a free country for Goodness sakes.

His time would be better spent on the abismal level of health services in Cuba.

Friday, January 25, 2008

14 easy steps to transition from being a communist pig to a Libertarian

Of late I have been getting a few requests from communists wanting to know how to transition to Libertarianism so after some thought I decided to put up a help list for those serious about making the jump.

- Resign from your union
- Burn that Lada car in a blaze of pollution
- Burn your pictures of Stalin, Guevara and Castro from your office walls and replace with Ayn Rand,
- Burn all those reggae, roots and hiphop records and purchase a bit of Johnny Rebel and other country greats
- Throw out all that vegan food and get back to eating broiler farmed meat, McDonalds and KFC
- All good Libertarians must be church going bible thumper
- Cease all 'enturbulation' of libertarians, scientologist and objectivists
- You must publicly agree that the word 'enturbulation' was in the English dictionary before Ron Hubbard made it up.

- Purchase a German SS uniform, you can buy these from any gun show around the country, and wear it around the house, in the office, at any Libertarian get together, birthday parties etc. Its quite easy to slip some 'Uncle Jessie' overalls over the top if you have to go into town for supplies.
- While in uniform you can do things like play a bit of Johnny Rebel with the wireless cranked up, or whistle Dixie, or even better, learn the lyrics to Dixie and sing it in uniform
- Replace the use of the word 'comrade' with the Scientologists 'Varmer Bruder'. Instead of 'greetings comrade', you can use, 'greeting mein varmer bruder'.
- Get them womenfolk pregnant and back in that there kitchen where theys there belooongs.
- Buy some 'Uncle Jessie' (Dukes of Hazard) overalls and a straw hat
- Watch this list of movies:
Communism is bad

Red Dawn

Learn what you are afaid of

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nats Underestimate ACT's Man

The coolest looking party leader in Parliament according to other Trev

You need to be right wing to be allowed to 'possess' one of these...when its in the hands of left wingers, that makes it an act of terror.
Rodney Rifle contains:
- AK47 military assault rifle
- Night vision sniping scope
- E Cat (military) free flowing pistol grip
- E Cat (military) stock
- E Cat (military) 75 round drum magazine
- Green laser
- Red Laser
- and lastly, 36mm grenade launcher on the front

The Blue Book of Liberterrorism

Firstly Anarchists supposedly brought us the Cookbook, the IRA and Qadafi brought us the Green Book, today Tom Cruise un-apologisedly brings us the Blue Book...let

Pokey the clown and the Zapatistas

Who is Pokey, well Pokey is a member of the Save the Seeds Coalition in Wellington.

This in from Pokey,

"Hi, my name is Pokey and I am the only activist left in the entire known world not linked by Trevour Loudoon to the Zapatistas, Urawera 17, and therefore to Terror Incorporated.

This is of course is causing me no end of feelings of shame and rejection knowing that all I need to do to be linked is to be photographed in a Zapatista teeshirt or even a Che Guevara teeshirt, upload it and hey presto I'll get my profile online.

I smoked a Cuban cigar once, does that count?"

Indeed it does Pokey, so heres your profile.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taking the communism out of your sex life

Today in order to help us de-communistise the bedroom I have made a list of commy fuelled sexual positions and acts that need to be stamped out of any good Libertarians bedroom.

1/ French Kissing: This was obviously founded in French Communism
2/ Sodomy: The obvious one, founded in Satanism and brought to the world by the Satans sons the Marxist homosexuals.
3/ Group sex: This of course reeks of collectivism, and collectivism is communism
4/ Masturbation: Too much masturbation is the reason why the leader of the free world our president G W Bush, cannot find enough cannon fodder to feed his army. See: a peace loving hippy commo run website designed to undermine the wests ability to put together a decent coalition of the willing.

In 2005 Supreme Court Justice Kennedy who was instrumental denying the anti-sodomy statute was accused by conservatives as being someone that, "upholds Marxist, Leninist, Satanic principles drawn from foreign law."

What many people missed in that article was of course the expose by Edwin Vieira that Satanic Marxist, Leninists imported Sodomy from Communist Russia into our country of New USA.

God gave us Adam and Eve, Communism gave us Sadam and Steve

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cubans Favour NZ Over Australia-No Surprises There

The Cubans are coming!!! --- The Cubans are coming!!! --- The Cubans are coming!!! I have been since the beginning, trying to bring down the totalitarian dictatorship of the Castro boys via my blog.

But no, no one was listening, and now the Cubans have gotten a foothold in New Zealand with the establishment its communist outpost (embassy) in our nations capital late last year.

Don't you all see that this is the first step toward having Hugo Chavez running this country. Firstly they'll fill this country with those strikingly handsome Cuban males who will steal our womenfolk away with their suave Cuban Satanic charm, then bombard our clothes stores with their trendy commo-clothes and very soon we will be New Cuba not New Zealand!

It will only be a matter of time till Orlando Borrego comes here and together with Nandor Tanczos, leads the Greens/Zapatista/Anarchist/Maori alliance in overthrowing our Government, forcing us to smoke Cuban cigars and giving us a real free health care system that gives the highest level of healthcare in the world.

Here are a couple of Blogs you should totally emmerse yourselves in, I know I do, everyday.
A blog for all of us who think that any dialog with KASSTRO (Castro) is just an excuse to perpetrate his tyranny.
It is now clear that Fidel Castro is days or minutes away from death. Any bets on actual date of death?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Anti-Smacking Law Damaging Foster Care System

New links exposing links between the Green Party and Satanism. In my recent blog linking leftists to Satan I exposed how all of Satan's spawn on this earth wore beards from Darwin to Tanczos.

Today I want to look at the recent Green Party backed anti-smacking bill and its affects on this country being herded by the Greens into an orgasm of Satanic Communism.

Firstly, the proof:
(Proverbs 13:24) "He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes" (Proverbs 23:13-14) and "Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell."

What more is there to say really, Trevs lesson of the day is, "Beat your kids and save them from communism".

Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Green Party!

Why I think the Green Party are fascists. Before we go there we must first discuss what is fascism. Fascism is communism, and communism is Satan's brainchild for modern man.

Green politics draws its ethical stance from a variety of sources, from the values of indigenous peoples (Maori terrorists), to the ethics of the Bolshevik Mohandas Gandhi, Darwinist Satanist Spinoza, and the hermeneutic nazi Uexküll.

Greenist fascist tendencies:
- They believe in rampant unbridled collectivism and as we know, collectivism leads to communism with leads to Satan.
- Oppose economic growth
- Anti-globalist
- Like all Satanists they are opposed to nuclear power and reject technologies that cause significant damage to the biosphere.
- They oppose any wars designed to advance international capital, like the War on Terror.
- Women are seen as human beings with all the rights and privilege of males.
- They smoke dope with abandon
- Believe in free love, sex outside of marriage, fornication and homosexuality.

No doubt by now you will be as shell-shocked as I am at the realisation that this has been festering quietly in our country unchecked, and un-raided. I am surprised that our Ministry for State Security is not more vigilant in suppressing the advancement of rampant green terrorism.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All about NZ Libertarianism, exposed

The central purpose of our fascist ideology, well the bit we don't really talk about, is to shift the wealth from the traditional bourgeois elite, aristocratic class, to the private hands of another plutocratic class of wannabee elitests via a belief system that centers around privitisation and supposedly minimising Government. ps thats our little secret, please don't tell anyone.

We do this by forming interest groups loaded with political entrepreneurs like myself, who infiltrate major political partys, establish themselves in places of power then like our great infiltrators Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, infect our libertarian politics as was done with Rogernomics.

Even though we talk about reducing Government, this is really just empty rhetoric since we know this is never going to happen. If you look at the first Libertarians to come to this country, that of the NZ Company, who conned the natives from masses of land, actually caused the formation of the first Government, through to Wakefields company who enjoyed the military support of the NZ Militia (ancestor of the modern militarised police force) which enabled it to to commit deeds of blood and rapine...via the machinery of the law to be used for purposes of transferring masses of land from natives to the private ownership of our European ancestors.

So while we talk a lot about reduced Government, we really believe in a more oligarchyist form of government filled with people like ourselves, and we still secretly see the military and police as having a significant role in implimenting and maintaining our newly gained wealth.

Even though we know that its the combination of militarism, corporatism, regimentation, nationalist chauvinism, plutocracy, the glorification of conflict over commerce and of brute force over intellect essentially leads to fascism, we find that since we privately agree that some of those parts of the combination of fascism as necessary to maintaining our private wealth, it is much easier to distract the masses by just calling fascism something else.

A look back at our greatest Libertarian moment in history.

In what I call our finest hour, Augusto Pinochet steps into power ousting communist pro-castroist president Alliende in a coup that would set Chile up to be the great Libertarian economic experiment in the wild.

Between 1973 and 1989, a US government sponsored team of economists trained at the University of Chicago dismantled or decentralised the Chilean state as far as was humanly possible. Their program included privatising welfare and social programs, deregulating the market, liberalising trade, rolling back trade unions, and rewriting its constitution and laws...

Chile's economy became more unstable than any other in Latin America... growth during this 16-year period was one of the slowest of any Latin American country. Worse, income inequality grew severe. The majority of workers actually earned less in 1989 than in 1973 (after adjusting for inflation), while the incomes of the rich skyrocketed.

In the absence of market regulations, Chile also became one of the most polluted countries in Latin America. And Chile's lack of democracy was only possible by suppressing political opposition and labor unions under a reign of terror and widespread human rights abuses.

It took the murders of 2,279 political dissidents and the torturing of a further 30,000 proletariats by our great Libertarian overlord 'Augy' to prepare the way for the wonderful era of deregulation of business and privatisation.

Augy's government abolished the minimum wage, forced up food prices, banned trade union rights, and pretty much privatised everything else except the copper business which profits he used to fund his regime.

Ok ok since then poverty has doubled to 40%, the percentage of Chileans without adequate housing increased from 27 to 40 percent, however one must look at the upsides, example, by the end of it all, the richest one-fifth of the population controlled 45% of the wealth compared to 7.6% for the poorest one-fifth, which is the point really.

At the time of his death, Augy had been implicated in over 300 criminal charges laid by marxist socialists. Caravan of Death was a Chilean Army death squad and one of our finest examples of how theoretical ideas such as the hierachial libertarianist economics, cannot survive without fascist militarism, and leads to fascist slaughter every single fucking time.

Replies to recent accusations by the Nazi, Commie left.

Today I would like to answer some of the accusations made by melon green communists and terror supporters toward myself and my new cult called ZAPObjectoSheepologizm.

What is ZAPObjectoSheepologizm? Well as the name suggests its a mix of several pseudo-philosophy based cults and a bit of wham-bam sorry Sam, ram action out in the barn.

Firstly to the accusation that I am a member of or connected to the CIA. This is an obvious lie as you can tell by the sheer amount of fantasy based diatribe I post daily to my NewZealots blog that I have no connection whatsoever to any person or organisation that really knows anything closely resembling anything factual about the topics I raise.

Secondly to the accusation that I am a softcock libertarian like that weak arse Perigo.
Total poppycock! Im orthodox Objectivist through and through. If I were a weakcock David Kelley loving libertarian I would not be spending all my time attacking the honesty, integrity, and character of my opponents would I. You are either for us or you are an evasionist pinko commie. Remember, evasion is the root of all evil.

Thirdly to the accusation that I am suffering from McCarthyist Syndrome, also termed Pinkphobia.

To that I answer, the communist threat in this country is real. Reds are everywhere. If comprehending that is McCarthyistic Pinkophobia then so be it. I have spent the last few years putting together a dosier on anyone that disagrees with my beliefs. I call it my 'Red Commie Devils are Everywhere' book. But its true, as true as the impending alien invasion. Fortunately we have a dedicated group of nutters like myself that are ever vigilant of invasion.

Fourthly that I am paranoid, needing to dominate others (including my own followers) and can't handle criticism.

The person or persons that made these comments are obviously communists whose moral turpitude resembles that of nothing less than Stalin himself, and obviously has no psycho-epistemologistical insight into the reality that this country is being run by Stalinist terrorists. As that poofter Perigo pointed out here ( ), every individual in this country has a duty to throw off this Labour run totalitarian power-lusting melon green Government which has lost all claim to legitimacy and may now be 'overthrown with impunity' (Perigo).

Fiftly and lastly to the accusation that ZAPObjectoSheepologizm will be a cult like the other cults I got booted out of. The answer to that is, that type of accusation could only come from a melon green, commie, terrorist, invalid, evasionist, Zapatista loving, pinko who does not daily worship every word written by Ayn the goddess Rand!!!

Exclusive evidence that links leftists to Satan.

Below I map out the origin of communism and fascism beginning with this guy.

Next came his human protege Charles Darwin to convince the world of Communist godlessness.

Followed by the antichrist Karl Marx who introduced communist ideas to the west.

Adding the ideologies of Freud

We end up with

The bearded Zapatista.

From Satan to Marcos. Each sported a beard, and is the shocking link exclusively exposed here on NewZeel.BlogSpot. Why this hasn't been picked up earlier is anyones guess.

This is why I am forever vigilant on people like this bearded hippy ex-anarchist

he began as an anarchist but he sported a beard so it was only a matter of time before communism overtook him and drove him into the melon Green Party.

Think that it absurd and ridiculous?
Then don't read this, it just gets worse...

Why we need a different flag

There are many things about the colour red that I dislike other than the fact that it is the recognised colour of baby eating communist pigs fascist flag. Red for example is the colour of aggression, of criminality (being caught red-handed), a place of perverse and leud activity (redlight districts), Mao Zedong was known as the Red Sun, and alongside its communist and anarchist connitations, red is of course the colour of Satan, the author and creator of Communism. see:

For a while now I have been staring at the NZ flag douvet on my bed, NZ flag wallpaper and NZ flag carpet on the floor, and trying to figure out what it is about the flag that I dislike.

Finally it dawned on me this morning while giving betsy the sheep a good ol shagging out in the barn, (nothing like running your hands through that greasy white wool) before running off to the bakery, that it was in fact the four filthy commie red stars that adorn our glorious flag that was the cause of my dislike.

We need a new flag that better represents the new NZ. At first I thought of replacing the red stars with green ones, as in our green hillsides, but then the dope smoking greenies would cum on themselves if that was the case.

Black is out because those smelly anarchists and pirates stole that colour in their flags. Blue is National, brown is, well you guessed it, gray is the oldies, violet is stolen by the Destiny church, which leaves yellow, which would have been ok except Kyle Chapman stole that with his Bebo page skin "Bananas Are Yummy" see:

Where does communism come from?

Satan needed to remove from men's minds their individualism, national patriotism, and freedom to carry out private enterprise with abandon. So he created Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud whose combined ideas gave birth to the Communist God-hating, pinko heathen, red lefties who would steer the world into collectivist fascism and drug fuelled hippy free-love.

Who are the left?

Many people have been outraged by my recent announcement that compared to myself, Adolf Hitler is a lefty.

So to clarify who I mean by leftist Ive made a comprehensive list below:
- All fascists including ones claiming to be right wing (like most of them do)
- All racists who admit to be right wing
- Obviously all the communist red devil marxist Satan worshipping Maoist greenies
- Tree hugging hippies
- Anarchists
- All terrorists including any person or group opposed to the US
- Anyone that has been to Cuba
- Anyone that has been to Russia
- Anyone that has been to Libya
- Anyone driving a Lada car
- People who like the AK47 over the AR15 (except my party leader Rodney Hyde)

- Working class people
- Underclass losers
- Aliens
- Anyone who has ever read Noam Karl Marx Chomsky
- Librarians
- Barack Obomber
- Anyone who has ever worn a Zapatista teeshirt
- Anyone who has ever worn a Che Guevara teeshirt

Here is a specific list of leftists:
- Emma Goldman
- Osama Bin Laden
- Adolf Hitler
- Lothar von Trotha
- Himmler
- Buddhist monks
- Karl Marx
- Leon Trotski
- Stalin
- The entire Soviet Union
- All Rwandan Hutus
- The Third Reich
- Pol Pot
- Satan
- Abbadon
- The Beast
- The false prophet
- Charles Manson
- All of Cuba
- Marcos
- Mao Zedong
- Jack the Ripper
- Gandhi

You're either with us or you're with the commies...