Friday, May 29, 2009

Operation TIPS and Operation Dob In A Red

Spot the similarities between the Bush administrations failed TIPS programme and Trevor Loudon's Orwellian Dob In A Red. Operation Dob In A Red is Trevor Loudon's latest attempt to outdo the Stazi by paying informants in chocolate to dob in their mates to be added to his bunker wall of newspaper cuttings and array of photographs of Green Party members he is currently stalking.

Above is an artists impression of how the image in question may be viewed in the unwell mind of McCarthyism suffering Trevor Loudon.

Now something about Operation TIPS

From Wikipedia

Operation TIPS, where the last part is an acronym for the Terrorism Information and Prevention System, was a program designed by President George W. Bush to have United States citizens report suspicious activity. It came under intense scrutiny in July 2002 when the Washington Post alleged in an editorial that the program was vaguely defined, and investigative political journalist Ritt Goldstein observed in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald [1] that TIPS would provide America with a higher percentage of 'citizen spies' than the former East Germany had under the notorious Stasi secret police.

In the days immediately following Goldstein's revelation, publications such as the libertarian magazine Reason, and then the progressive Boston Globe, emphasized the Stasi analogy, widely highlighting Operation TIPS' shortcomings. TIPS was subsequently cancelled after concerns over civil liberties violations.

Goldstein later observed that he broke news of Operation TIPS on March 10 in Spain's second largest daily, El Mundo, but that he struggled until July before finding a major English language paper which would print the story.

The program's website implied that US workers who had access to private citizens' homes, such as cable installers and telephone repair workers, would be reporting on what was in people's homes if it were deemed "suspicious." The initial start of the program was to be August 2002 and would have included one million workers in ten US cities and then to be expanded.

Operation TIPS was accused of doing an "end run" around the United States Constitution, and the original wording of the website was subsequently changed. President Bush's then-Attorney General, John Ashcroft denied that private residences would be surveilled by private citizens operating as government spies. Mr. Ashcroft nonetheless defended the program, equivocating on whether the reports by citizens on fellow citizens would be maintained in government databases. While saying that the information would not be in a central database as part of Operation TIPS, he maintained that the information would still be kept in databases by various law enforcement agencies.

The databases were an explicit concern of various civil liberties groups (on both the left and the right) who felt that such databases could include false information about citizens with no way for those citizens to know that such information was compiled about them, nor any way for them to correct the information, nor any way for them to confront their accusers.

The United States Postal Service, after at first seeming supportive of the program, later resisted its personnel being included in this program, reasoning that if mail carriers became perceived as law enforcement personnel that they would be placed in danger at a level for which they could not reasonably be expected to be prepared, and that the downside of the program hence vastly outweighed any good that it could accomplish. The National Association of Letter Carriers, a postal labor union, was especially outspoken in its opposition.

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Happy Queens Birthday from the Loudon enclave?

Ah the good ol days aye? Jammin at Loudon. On the piss. Trev on the scratch board, Neville (Gibson?) on the roof. No commies in site. No Al Qaeda for at least 10 miles, No Save Happy Valley terror plotters, just hillbilly libertarian scientologists singing a happy IRA terror tune...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dob in a red

Trevor Loudon shows again just how obsessed he is with anything remotely left in a vain attempt to build the Loudon Grand Conspiracy. Trevor Loudon asks viewers to name names for a mars bar of those depicted in a photograph standing in a protest supporting students recently expelled from Victoria University.

Trevor Loudon's friend Neville Gibson believes that activism inevitably leads to terrorism, a sentiment seemedly echo'd by the unwell commie hunter who seems to be following in the footsteps of his childhood hero John Forbes Nash.

Nash is famous for being a brilliant mathmetician who fell into McArthiest paranoia.

Nash dates the start of what he terms "mental disturbances" to the early months of 1959 when his wife was pregnant. He has described a process of change "from scientific rationality of thinking into the delusional thinking characteristic of persons who are psychiatrically diagnosed as 'schizophrenic' or 'paranoid schizophrenic'" including seeing himself as a messenger or having a special function in some way, and with supporters and opponents and hidden schemers, and a feeling of being persecuted, and looking for signs representing divine revelation...

Nash is a symbol of hope to New Zealand that one day Trevor Loudon will on his own steam think his way out of his world of ficticious spooks, reds and terror plots that fill his mind daily.

Get well soon Trevor,

Ernesto Osama Trotsky

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Climate Change Chinese secret herb to destroy capitalism

Is 'Climate Change' the secret tool promoted by China to bring down capitalism?

Over in 'Dodoland' where communists are responsible for the common cold lives a behemoth of the McArthien era called Trevor Loudon who daily tries to convince himself that this is true.

Loudon States:
.....the Communist Chinese propaganda line on "Climate Change"-all part of a strategy to impoverish the West and bring down capitalism.

According to the heavily Baracknaphobic Loudon in a response by a site visitor to his diatribe about China, he implies that scientists that support the idea of human induced global warming are part of an epic conspiracy of the Marxist (and by inference, Chinese Communist) infected Science fraternity who therefore must be under some form of spell of Maoist China....argh!

When you attempt todelve too deep into deconstructing the obsessions of this clearly unwell paranoid delusional Blogger, it feels like being spat on by one of those Bergruutfas from Star Wars, not that we can claim to know what that feels like.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our worst fears realized, It's the Cubans!!!

Breaking News!!!
As Trevor Loudon has been warning us for a long time over at New Zeal, the Cubans Are Coming! Well today we have concrete proof.

Our spies that are constantly combing the Pacific for signs of communism and melon greenery, have discovered this possible plot to overthrow capitalism and send us back to the days of the cave man.

See our evidence below and be very afraid.

Just another yacht parked off the coast of Tonga getting ready for a 6 day voyage to New Zealand.

But at 10x zoom...well the first thing of concern is the flag. Its clearly a marxist, communist, trotskiest, free love, hippy melon green, terror, Cuban national flag.

Zooming in another 50x shows us our worst fears. Its the Granma II, obviously full of swine flu carrying Cuban terrorists on their way to invade New Zealand and kick out its right winged neo-liberal Government and replace American line dancing with the communist samba dancing. Worse still, force us to smoke Mexican crazy reefer weed, Cohiba Esplandidos cigars, and force us to return to gardening at home and some foreign concept called 'sharing'...

We at New Zeel will be keeping a close eye on this yacht with our ever vigilant team combing our coastlines for possible invasionary forces.

What can you do?

- live in fear
- move to Australia
- hide
- don't go outside
- don't drink the water
- listen to anything Trevor Loudon says.


Images of Cuban terror.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Naomi Oreskes the new Osama Barrack Gaddafi

This video will shock you. Not for the faint hearted, please do not let your children view this or even hear this. So we recommend if you do decide to watch this video that you use headphones. Naomi Oreskes anti-Libertarian, pro-communist, pro watermelon green propaganda tries to expose the anti-global warming lobby.

What is the world coming to if money cannot hoodwink and determine our scientific and political views.

Again we stress restraint in watching this as it is loaded with communist brain-washing techniques called, 'facts', and, 'peer reviews', in an attempt to present true science winning over our corporate sponsored partisan scientists in the 'ongoing', and as yet, 'undecided', issue of global warming.