Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Climate Change Chinese secret herb to destroy capitalism

Is 'Climate Change' the secret tool promoted by China to bring down capitalism?

Over in 'Dodoland' where communists are responsible for the common cold lives a behemoth of the McArthien era called Trevor Loudon who daily tries to convince himself that this is true.

Loudon States:
.....the Communist Chinese propaganda line on "Climate Change"-all part of a strategy to impoverish the West and bring down capitalism.

According to the heavily Baracknaphobic Loudon in a response by a site visitor to his diatribe about China, he implies that scientists that support the idea of human induced global warming are part of an epic conspiracy of the Marxist (and by inference, Chinese Communist) infected Science fraternity who therefore must be under some form of spell of Maoist China....argh!

When you attempt todelve too deep into deconstructing the obsessions of this clearly unwell paranoid delusional Blogger, it feels like being spat on by one of those Bergruutfas from Star Wars, not that we can claim to know what that feels like.


Marina said...

Haha I had to laugh at that NZ national anthem, very funny.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the left wing to ignore the signs. China has been planning to take over the world to bring down capitalism and all you can do is mock.

Anonymous said...

It all began when we allow the Chinese Government to poison our kids minds with maoist cartoonery like Hong Kong Phooey. From then onward it was only a matter of time before China brought down capitalism with its Global Warming agenda.