Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our worst fears realized, It's the Cubans!!!

Breaking News!!!
As Trevor Loudon has been warning us for a long time over at New Zeal, the Cubans Are Coming! Well today we have concrete proof.

Our spies that are constantly combing the Pacific for signs of communism and melon greenery, have discovered this possible plot to overthrow capitalism and send us back to the days of the cave man.

See our evidence below and be very afraid.

Just another yacht parked off the coast of Tonga getting ready for a 6 day voyage to New Zealand.

But at 10x zoom...well the first thing of concern is the flag. Its clearly a marxist, communist, trotskiest, free love, hippy melon green, terror, Cuban national flag.

Zooming in another 50x shows us our worst fears. Its the Granma II, obviously full of swine flu carrying Cuban terrorists on their way to invade New Zealand and kick out its right winged neo-liberal Government and replace American line dancing with the communist samba dancing. Worse still, force us to smoke Mexican crazy reefer weed, Cohiba Esplandidos cigars, and force us to return to gardening at home and some foreign concept called 'sharing'...

We at New Zeel will be keeping a close eye on this yacht with our ever vigilant team combing our coastlines for possible invasionary forces.

What can you do?

- live in fear
- move to Australia
- hide
- don't go outside
- don't drink the water
- listen to anything Trevor Loudon says.


Images of Cuban terror.

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Anonymous said...

Oh lord have mercy on us! I knew it, I knew it! It all started with that Commie Guevara teeshirt being allowed to be worn in this country without IMMEDIATE was on a matter of time before they came for our middle class.

Get ready for it people, the holocaust is coming, cuban cigars, home gardens, old 60s classic cars, world class doctoring, saucy dancing and world class sports people...what a living hell.

Anonymous said...

What the Cubans will also be bringing with them are communist Obama social regulations that restrict my corporation from raping New Zealand of its resources.

This is neo-terrorism and has to be opposed with the many lives of the working class willing to throw themselves in front of Cuban bullets for us middle class libertarians.

Forced Corporate Accountability = Terrorism

Anonymous said...

Only a communist would know that Granma was the name of the yacht Fidel used to sail to Cuba on.

Gerhart Schnider said...

I can see you hippies think this is a big joke, but when the Cubans do get here, we will see who will be laughing then, so laugh'll see.

Anonymous said...

Cuban communists are trying to take over the Pacific Islands and all you can do is mock the efforts of those vigilant enough to be ever watching their every move.

This type of tasteless humor is what we have come to expect from the gutter of leftist blogspheres.