Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Naomi Oreskes the new Osama Barrack Gaddafi

This video will shock you. Not for the faint hearted, please do not let your children view this or even hear this. So we recommend if you do decide to watch this video that you use headphones. Naomi Oreskes anti-Libertarian, pro-communist, pro watermelon green propaganda tries to expose the anti-global warming lobby.

What is the world coming to if money cannot hoodwink and determine our scientific and political views.

Again we stress restraint in watching this as it is loaded with communist brain-washing techniques called, 'facts', and, 'peer reviews', in an attempt to present true science winning over our corporate sponsored partisan scientists in the 'ongoing', and as yet, 'undecided', issue of global warming.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch the whole video as after listening to a long string of historical facts my brain began to hurt.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is a communist ploy to regulate our free market and interupt the work of the invisible hand.

Anonymous said...

You communists make me so angry. I cannot believe that Blogspot is allowing this terrorist talk on its servers!!!

Anonymous said...

For one thing this blog is not fair and balanced like Foxnews is, therefore it should be taken to court and charged under our fairness laws.