Friday, April 10, 2009

An Easter appeal to Trevor Loudon

Since failing in his campaign to prevent US President Barrack Hussein Obama from being elected it has become apparent that in the preceding 10 weeks Trevor Loudon has taking this hard, posting like a maniac on crack to his blog with expose after expose warning the world of the evils of Obamarism that is creeping across this planet like the Great Shadow of the Death Star.

The New Zeel teams Easter message to Trevor Loudon is,

"For goodness sake Trevor, pace yourself mate, its a long stretch before the next elections, quit flagellating yourself over your party losing the elections, this is not the end of the world mate, this level of stress is clearly not good for you".

"We want you to be around for a very long time dumbing down the conservative right with your simpletons, 'us vs the communists' mentality, and carrying on at this pace...well you may hurt yourself mate".

Of course, the team at New Zeel do not really give two tosses of a horse-shoe about the health and lack of mental well-being of Mr Loudon's state of mind, but thought they would still make these disingenuous comments irregardless.

Merry Easter and don't forget to hug a tree for Jesus this coming Good Sunday


Anonymous said...

Trevor is one of this countries most hard working writers dedicated to exposing the wave of communism silently sweeping the globe. With a communist running the Whitehouse now it is only a matter of time before the Greens get power in this country and further spread communism by force of dictatorship as Obama is doing now.

I know you hippies running this blog thing this is all a big joke but if things continue the way they are it won't be long before health care will be state run and free to all and we will all be driving around in battery powered Lada cars. Mark my words.

Trevour Loudoon said...

Streuth mate, you had me looking behind me hedge for commies after that little rant!

Anonymous said...

They're there Trevor, enturbulating, because they're everywhere.