Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cuba Moves On Tonga

With the takeover of Tonga by communist Cuba recently exposed by Trevor Loudon, we must now look at preventing the continued invasion of New Zealand by Cuban terrorists which began the day we let Cuban dancing be so casually displayed on television under the guise of Dancing With The Stars.

All good anti-communist McArthiest Red-Baiters need to immediately call for the removal of Cuban cigars, shutting down of Havana House, Havana Coffee, Fidel's Cafe and in fact the entire Cuba street in Wellington, banning Dancing with the Stars from TV, including banning salsa dips from supermarkets, hippy Fidel looking beards, Lada cars and Che Guevara teeshirts.

Without this immediate action by the Government we need to be preparing for a complete takeover by Cuban communists and renaming this country to New Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Noone knows where the fuk Zealand is, at least with New Cuba we know where 'Cuba' is.

Anonymous said...

The Cubans are already here. Live in fear people.

Anonymous said...

It all started when we allow the Che teeshirts to be worn by supporters of the communist al qaeda marxist terrorist.

Red Squad Troop Leader Loudon said...

We need to send all these Tongan communists home with dawn raids.