Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loudoons 5 steps to prevent your child from joining the Jihad.

After receiving so many heart felt cries from parents concerned that their children have been caught up in the jihad epidemic sweeping this lawless unsmacked nation following the revelations by National Business Reviews Editor and Chief Neville Gibson, that activism leads to Jihad, we here at the Loudon Institute for Moral Parenting knew we had a job to do to help parents prevent this tragedy happening.

Here is our quick 5 steps to prevent your child from joining the Jihad.

Step 1: Learn to spot the pre-signs of Jihad. This could be the movies they are watching, do they watch too many documentaries vs Hollywood blockbusters. This could be a sign that Jihad is building in your child. Your task as a parent is to ban educational documentaries, ban the watching of certain liberal shows like On the Matt, The Daily Show and other shows that lead to Jihad.

Step2: Begin surveillance on your children. Without being too over the top, hidden video cameras, paid informants are just two tools that will assist you in seeing jihad coming before its too late.

Step3: Talk regularly to your children about why they should be eating meat and destroying the environment. Spank any child (in love) that shows pre-signs that they may respect the environment and animals.

We need our children to understand that we need to eat animals because of the whole Cain and Abel sacrifice thing in the bible, and we know what happened to Cain the vegetarian...he became a terrorist jihadist.

Step 4: Identify the signs of Jihad. This could be a Che Guevara teeshirt, for boys it could be a lack of interest in guns, bombs and violence, for girls it could be a desire to not shave their armpits, wear perfume or go mall shopping. Once your child begins to show these signs, its pretty much a give in that they will be heading up the Kyber Pass into terror training in Hindu Kush.

Step 5: Act, once you have singled out the children that are beyond help, quickly have them shipped off to military school for retraining, at the very least, ring your local Precrimes Office and dob your child in.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neville the winner Gibson on Snails and Jihad: (One of Trevor's mates)

Neville Gibson goes head to head with Matt McCarten on TV3's On The Matt debate show.

Like Trevor Loudon, Neville Gibson believes that society needs the Special Intelligence Group, whose task is to chase terrorists, to be spying on our local jihadist the 'snail people'.

Like Trevor Loudon, Neville Gibson believes the Special Intelligence Group should continue to place informants into activist groups, whose job is to both gather intelligence on and also incite these activists to break the law.

We at New Zeel remember the days when entrapment used to be quite the unpopular thing to do, but these days, anything goes...according to Gibson, what these snail lovers need is a little push, and people like police informant Rob Gilchrist are just the tonic needed to push them into Jihad.

Anyways Neville Gibson explains to us the unwashed the pathway that is mapped out for anyone wanting to take protest action against big business. Watch and be amazed.

Neville Gibson everyone! The so called impartial editor of the National Business Review....What a wanker!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trevor Loudon admits to supporting Communist China styled surveillance techniques

Loudon's recent confession that he supports the NZ growing authoritarian regimes tactics that have been levelled against leftist political dissidents will come as little surprise to those of us who have been monitoring his gradual admission that deep down he supports the use of political and military tactics used by his favourite Libertarian, the Late General Pinochet, and his favourite enemy, Communist China, on activists in this country that do not support his liber-terror-ian extremist views.

'Augusto' was famous for two things, implimenting Libertarian economic reform ideology at the end of a gun, and the suppression of leftist groups. When we say 'suppression', we mean the 2279 leftist activists whose bodies were never found. To add to that were the findings of the Valech Report that 30,000 political dissidents had been tortured by the worlds first Libertarian Government.

Too add to that winning start, two of Loudons heroes, McCain and Friedman both pandered to Pinochet, paying him visits during his reign of terror adding support to the notion that Libertarianism will lead to another round of fascism.

So these next comments by Loudon come as little surprise concerning the revelations that the Special Intelligence Group are monitoring leftist activists.

Loudon States:

I thoroughly approve of the police action here.

Words that will come back to haunt Loudon as he revells in the latest revelation of police authoritarianism?

We shall wait and see.