Friday, February 22, 2008

Anti Anti-Smacking Bill Petition Doing Well

Yes folks the petition to overturn that Government namby-pamby family interferring bill by Sue Bradford is ahead of schedule.

With one week to go it is time to get that old dusty paddler out of the parlour cupboards and get it warmed up. As you can imagine with 300,000 + signatures, thats a lot of 'catch up' paddling that will be a going on once we rid this country of them there laws.

We need the power back to be able to legally physically brutalise our children with whipping sticks. We need a return to the old days of, "bend over and spread 'em", and take to them with a modified piece of wood without the fear of police slapping us across the wrists and interfering with Gods work.

We need to put in place safeguards so that we will never return to the place we are at now where children are free to be rebellious, where they become open vessels to the demon of rebellion who roams our countrysides wishing to possess their body's and drive them to anarchism and communist pot smoking revolutionary free-love making sessions when they grow up and become adults.

The way our ancestors have beaten off these demons in olden times in Europe and around the world is to take a piece of board, modify it to something close to a baseball bat and beat them chillins around the areas of their sexual organs in order to save their souls from hell as the bible tells us so.

So get them paddlers out of the cupboard and prepare for a change of law.

Discalimer: Always whack your children around their sexual organ areas in love. If questioned about your smacking habits, always say you only ever give out the occasional love taps.

Now get out there and whip little Johnny's ass for Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Yes we need to be able to catch communism at an early age and beat it out of our kids before it takes root in them.

Anonymous said...

My child is fascinated with the Wombles program rerun on TV. Is this a sign of problems to come?

Trevour Loudoon said...

Fascination with the Wombles is a sign they are possessed by the demon of anarchism. We suggest you make your child spend their time surfing to compensate for the Wombles, followed by a good whoopin just in case. Wombles are ultra-left wing recycle fundamentalists, which leads to greenism which leads to unionism which leads to the labour party, communism and of course, straight into the pit of hell.

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession with evangelical demonism? This has nothing to do with Christianity, it is a matter of state interference into our private homes.

Trevour Loudoon said...

No obsession at all Anon-3 but are not most of the members of the group that is behind this petition charismatic Christians using a family first campaign to cover their right wing conservative fundamentalist agendas.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wants us to spank our children because he was spanked as a child too and look how he turned out.

Mavis said...

I can also testify to how righteous Godly living improved young Timmy's school grades. I followed the word of God and took to little Timmy with the God Flogger every time he came home with a score card less than straight A's and although he hasn't received a better grade yet, I know in my heart he won't be going to hell where there is gnashing of teeth and communists.

Father Brian said...

Yes indeed we are all children of God who are likened to little lambs that hath gone astray and in need of God's little love-tapper from time to time.

What does the good Sheppard do when one of his lambs doth go astray, well he findeth him and giveth him the righteous what-for with the Penticostal Posterior Pounder and returneth that little whipped fluffy ass to the fold. Hal-le-lujah!!!

O B Laden said...

Salamu `Alaykum
It is heart warming to see the Kiwi fighting to maintain the last vestiges of Sharia law; the right to whip people as a form of corporal punishment. I am struggling to get Sharia law put back in Afghanistan, please keep me up to date on how you go with your referendum.