Friday, February 29, 2008

The Return of Rogernomics

We see the old dog Roger Augusto Pinochet Douglas is back in the saddle. Ready for round two? Perhaps to drag ACT Party vote up to 3-4%, maybe even more...but wait, wasn't Roger Douglas also an avid supporter of the Kohanga Reo? Yet the ACT Party deputy dog Trevor Loudon states:

"In my opinion, the Kohanga Reo and Kura Kaupapa Maori movements are designed to foster a seperatist, radical, even revolutionary culture among young Maori."

What an unholy union...Loudon and Douglas in the same political party.

Mr "I Rogered the workers" Douglas in the founding of the ACT Party, intended to get into power with his own party and finish off what he started under Labour, and to re-jig the parts of Rogernomics that Lange scrapped.

Douglas started ACT not to be a New National nor a lacky to National, but a New Labour based on his and his mothers disillusionment with the Labour Party he was a member of.

Douglas the Accounting Fascist understands quite clearly that there is no real difference between any of the political party's, has stated so in his recent speech in 2006. Yet Loudon tries to convince his readers that Labour, Greens, Maori Party, are some sort of quasi 50s communist conspiracy and that somehow National is the better choice.

Douglas also correctly states, "None of them (political party's) have a clear vision of where New Zealand stands and where it should be heading". But he left out ACT who also fits right into that boat as well with its dreamy ideas of dissolving central Government.

They will learn eventually the lesson that anarchists have learnt the hard way over the past few centuries.....that people in power....

i.e. The sum total of the political, legislative, judiciary, military and financial institutions through which the management of their own affairs, the control over their personal behaviour, the responsibility for their personal safety, are taken away from the people and entrusted to others who, by usurpation or delegation, are vested with the power to make laws for everything and everybody, and to oblige the people to observe them, if need be, by the use of collective force.....

....vehemently dislike having their power dissolved.


Anonymous said...

I vote Roger Douglas to be the next prime minister!

Anonymous said...

But can he dance?

Anonymous said...

I vote Roger Douglarse to eat my shet

Anonymous said...

"What an unholy union...Loudon and Douglas in the same political party."

Yep and no sooner did Douglas enter, did Loudon exit.