Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Threat-Yippee!

Just got this anonymous comment on this post.

I told you before Trevour the sheepshagger - a hooded man ( a KKK resemblance) is watching you

I actually quite like this sort of comment for two reasons.

Firstly it tells me that my investigations into the "Scientology / ZAP / Liberterrorism" Alliance calling themselves the New Zealots is on track.

The pointed hat KKK reference is clearly speaking about white supremacy and Kyle Chapmans quasi military training camps proving a pluspoint of the link between Loudonism and Fascism.

If I wasn't uncomfortably close to the truth in my doingness, these people would ignore me rather than indulge in this sort of behavior.

If I wasn't enturbulating my opponents there would be no fake anonymous threats like this one and the one on the other New Zealots blog.


Anonymous said...


As a follower of your blog, I commend your courage in ignoring threats from such deluded potential trouble sources.

Unfortunately most of the ratbag liberterrorists in the world are nut-cases and suppressive persons, so you can never be complacent about such things. Thats a part of your beingness that makes your forthright and brave stand so praiseworthy.

As a very ordinary citizen I thank you Trevour for your revelations on the New Zealots idiots.

Very well done!

RedEnturbulator said...

The Right- its always the same strategy- when they've no answer to your arguments, they turn to enturbulation. The endless pages of quasi intelligence gathering, is the work of an ignorant coward.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is a piss take of ?

Anonymous said...

Well done Trevour for exposing the dangerous alliance between the various right wing groups like the Liberterrorists, Objectivists, Scient-weirdoists, National Front terrorists and their political party ACT.

Anonymous said...

Its the alien in you that makes you enturbulate Trevour

The True True MARKOS said...

I heard it from someone closely connected to ACT that once a person is impregnated by an alien spirit or being the new vessel must impregnate others with his seminal fluid which is in reality a white type of fluid produced by the celestial being in your scrottum.
Next, the new vessel must impregnate young children and that is the One Million Trillion Question-why Trevor was designated to perfom such tasks. He had a some sort of file in the Child MOLESTER index.
Now, I said it...

Trevour Loudoon said...

Saying it and proving it are two different things Markos. If you really have proof then you should produce a record of it.

We haven't heard or seen any evidence alluding to molestation of children, only sheep...and those images are just too shocking to publish.