Thursday, February 14, 2008

Righties strategise how to close down Kotare Trust

It has come to our attention that the Kootarry Trust is teaching our offspring the ways of the Communist with the aid of public funding.

Trevor Loudon explains why it is up to the privately owned corporate media to do the job of shutting them down,

"It is not the job of political parties or governments to shut down private organisations."

"The media should be leading the charge to investigate Kotare's activities"

Operation Shutdown Kootarry was launched in a bid to manipulate and trigger media interest and to further garner a righty lead resistance movement against Kootarry's lefty manifesto, according to ultra right wing extremist Redbaiter,

"Unless there is real opposition to the Gramscian strategies of these people, unless there is some kind of real and powerful resistance, we're done."

Other anonymous comments appearing on Loudons blog further expose the intentions of Kootarry,

"What these people are doing is training up another generation of radicals to create a future tide of left-wing activism while watering down the terror styled crimes of their commie-raids. This has got to be stopped!" said one anonymous commentator.

The last thing we need in this country are youth being taught to think for themselves and make good politically aware judgments. Kootarry will not only free their minds from social engineering education system which tries to create working drones for big business's industries, but also create thinking minds set about to get off the grid and out of the system and that my pointed headed friends is communism and must be smashed!!!

So gather them chillins together, give them a good spanking as a show of love, and don't let the red man poison their minds with free thought. Free thought leads to communism, and communism leads to satan.

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Anonymous said...

I took your advice and gave the chillin a good whollopin and you are right, it made me feel better.