Thursday, June 18, 2009

Listen Up John Key-Ignore Smacking Referendum At Your Peril

Over at Sillysville, Trevor Loudon lays it on rallying his two troops against the lefty styled comments made by PM John Key recently basically saying he doesn't give a shit about the question in the referendum concerning the rights of parents to beat their children into submission.

Last February over 300,000 child whackers signed a petition in support of the right of adults to assault their children. The petition lead to the referendum which asks,

"Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

Like any good communist would, Key has stated that the question, which the wording to us here at New Zeel seems a bit ambiguous, is a bit ambiguous. This has lead to cries of foul play and communism from Trevors 5 man army and a stern warning from Loudon himself.

We at New Zeel as per usual don't really give a fuck about the referendum but out of our duty to you all we have been tracking it since it began where we discovered that a good smack can save your child from hell, and here tracking the petition, and also gave tips on how to 'smack as a part of good parental correction' to protect your child from communism.

If all that fails to prevent communism and melon greenery from overtaking your childs mind, our own Sgt Hartman has suggestions for the Nat Party Fresh Start Programme to righten those lefted kiddies up.

If all goes well, Trevor Loudon will have his way and the good parents of this country will be able to again take to the sensitive genital areas of their young children with wooden paddles and sticks, under the guise of 'good parental correction'.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While we wait.....

If you are all anything like us here at Loudondairy Farm, things are getting a little bit boring over at Sillysville so while we wait for the Baracknaphobic Loudon to post something remotely interesting for us to take the piss out of....

We will attempt to answer the question many concerned 40+ adults have been asking themselves since the movie called Red Dawn made its debut....

Were The Wombles inspired by communist terrorists and were we infected by their terror ideologies as children?

Firstly a quick analysis of their names gives away one of the biggest clues. At least 4 of the 7 names of The Wombles can be linked to communist terror.

Beginning with the Great Uncle Bulgaria...need we say more, the Great Uncles first name is of course LINKED DIRECTLY TO COMMUNISM.

Orinoco is named after a river that links Chavezian Venezuelan communism to the FARC of Columbia.

Tomsk is named after a Russian city...again commies.

Tobermory is named after a town in the Isle of Mull. Mulling of course is what anarchists and communists alike do to marijuana in preparation for the bong.

It goes without saying that the wombles are anti-capitalist, greenies, which pretty much makes them communists without even one heil hitler.

Shocked yet, but wait theres more....

Obama has admitted watching the Wombles once as a child! Shocking but true and as we all know, there is no more indictable evidence needed in a Loudonic conspiracy to link the Wombles to communism than bringing the big O into the equasion.

The Wombles have therefore been deemed communist terrorist sympathisers that deny the holocaust.

Now back to New Zeal....come on Trevor for fucks sake write something worth taking the piss over please.....pretty please...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Useful Idiot" Easte Promotes Terror Cause at Council

Is his latest stunner, Trevor Loudon links a City Vision councillor Graeme Easte to Al Qaeda terrorism because his partner once spoke at a rally where a picture of a Tamil Tiger leader was seen on the wall behind her.

So to help the rational world understand this pile of Loudoonery, we've made this little graphical expression of Loudon mathematics.

So heres the explanation: We all know that 1 + 2 = that means then that....

1 x Marxist + 1 picture of a Tamil Tiger = ........

The problem with you leftists out there is that you demand logic and sound reasoning and thats why you are not Rush Limbargh wannabe righties like Trevor is who are not bound by such restrictions.

So as per usual in an endevour to assist the left understand the sillyness that is Trevor Loudon, we've made up a little test for you to take to help you see what Trevor sees.

The See What Trevor Sees Test:
The point of this test is to try to ascertain what Trevor sees in these following images. The answers at at the bottom of them page.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Pic 3:

Pic 4:



And now for the answers:

Pic 1: I know many would think this one an easy one as we all know just how obsessed Trevor Loudon is with the US President. But this is a test of what 'Loudon sees'. See below.

Pic 2: To the natural eye this is a cartoon representation of a penguin, however this is the Linux logo, Linux of course being open source therefore anti-capitalist...therefore loudon sees....

Pic 3: Again to the naked eye this is just a picture of the Christchurch town square. However what we do not see are the marxists and Al Qaeda Happy Valley jihadists that frequent this square. So again we apply the Loudon filter....

Pic 4: This one is easy. Hitler was an anti-capitalist so therefore Loudon sees red....

Pic 5: Is it the whole communial living shunning earthly goods aspect that makes Loudon see red when it comes to pictures of the Christ? You would think, but no, Christ had a beard, and we all know where beards come from.

Hope this helps those struggling to understand Loudoonerisms.