Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama File 54467: More exclusive evidence Obama is a Cylon

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well we here at the Loudoon Institute for the Propagation of Red Dawn Paranoia give you two thousand words.

If these images have not convinced you why we should live in fear of this cylon loving, lollypop, candyflossed looking wouldn't-hurt-a-fly nerd then you are a communist and a lover of Satan.

The redman is the president of New Zeeland now people, you should learn to live in fear like we all do here at Loudoon Estates. Get them bars on the windows, buy M16 assault rifles, stock up with Ayn Rand audio tapes and get to living isolated, its just a matter of time before the paratroopers come from the sky to force us into hippy leftist dope smoking love making.

Previous image found on Google exposed the new President as the 12th Cyclon:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breaking News: Obama is a ......

So far in my google expose I have been able to uncover the following information about the anti-christ that has taken power in our fatherland, the USA.

- Firstly Obama is supported by every marxist extremist group in the USA from Al Qaeda, the Bolsheviks, radical librarians through to the Nation of Islam, of course, worst of all is the support coming from all those slimey green peace activists.

To Date:
- I exposed the fact that he was groomed for this role of terror from birth, born in a red testtube of communism, breast fed by Siberian wolves and raised by anarcho-maoists to think he is a democrat whilst his groomers implanted secret code words into his mind to be activated as soon as he assumes power.

But our latest intel, and this is a New Zeel exclusive, is that the newly elected president is in fact a cylon mole! Do pray tell you say, what proof have you that this be the case, well look and be amazed.

This image was found on Google, Google being the central 'tool' we use for our 'indepth research on radical organisations...'

As you well know, anything found through Google must be true.

This model of cylon has been embedded into the presidential race, preprogrammed once power is seized to immediatly order tactical nuclear strikes on anyone not supporting socialism or not found wearing a Che Guevara teeshirt.

All I can say is head for the hills people, I myself have bought a tin hat AND are wearing it!!! Do anything, rather than sit around watching me take a beating online for losing the war against the first black president.

Thanks to All Those Who Fought

The Free World is suffering with over-glee from the Obama win in the US elections two nights ago.

(A picture paints a thousand words)
To the absolute disgust of the McCarthyists, Senator Al Qaeda Trotski Satan Bin Obama took power through what some have called a LANDSLIDE poll result.

It is clear that the McCain/Palin/FoxNews combo were not able to use Trevor Loudons myriad of mudslinging blog articles, articles which Loudon has toiled over tirelessly for the last year, to dissuade voters from supporting Obama.

Not to be outdone by FoxNews, and in the face of failure, Loudon rose from the ashes this morning to further describe terror loving Obama as one that has,

"The sewage of slum lords, communist sympathizers and domestic terrorists swirl about his ankles."

Sour grapes? Or is Trevor Loudon truly a prophet of doom for the democrats because they chose not just a black man but an articulate one, to trick the nation into voting them into power?

Or is Loudon finally fallen into acute paranoid schizophrenia wallowing in self pity and pent up racial tension?

The trick now for Loudon is two fold. Firstly to bombard his blog with countless quoted posts from other righties whose asses are also severely reemed, and two, get back to bashing the Maori's. Oh dear, looks like we are right on both counts....

See: for a New Zealandised rendition of everything you see on the extremist right wing FoxNews channel.