Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breaking News: Obama is a ......

So far in my google expose I have been able to uncover the following information about the anti-christ that has taken power in our fatherland, the USA.

- Firstly Obama is supported by every marxist extremist group in the USA from Al Qaeda, the Bolsheviks, radical librarians through to the Nation of Islam, of course, worst of all is the support coming from all those slimey green peace activists.

To Date:
- I exposed the fact that he was groomed for this role of terror from birth, born in a red testtube of communism, breast fed by Siberian wolves and raised by anarcho-maoists to think he is a democrat whilst his groomers implanted secret code words into his mind to be activated as soon as he assumes power.

But our latest intel, and this is a New Zeel exclusive, is that the newly elected president is in fact a cylon mole! Do pray tell you say, what proof have you that this be the case, well look and be amazed.

This image was found on Google, Google being the central 'tool' we use for our 'indepth research on radical organisations...'

As you well know, anything found through Google must be true.

This model of cylon has been embedded into the presidential race, preprogrammed once power is seized to immediatly order tactical nuclear strikes on anyone not supporting socialism or not found wearing a Che Guevara teeshirt.

All I can say is head for the hills people, I myself have bought a tin hat AND are wearing it!!! Do anything, rather than sit around watching me take a beating online for losing the war against the first black president.


Anonymous said...

I frackin knew Trevor was a frackin Cylon.

Anonymous said...

I can see you Al Qaeda sympathizers are enjoying this...

Saul Tigh said...

Flush that cylon out the frackin airlock

Anonymous said...

Can someone please add some more things to be afraid of. I went a whole day without fretting about Barrack Obama today and I realised I needed a fix, a shot of New Zeal under the eyelids.

What we need is daily additions to the list of things to be afraid of with Obama. Its not good enough just to leave it where it is, where he is an Al Qaeda muslim Christan extremist nazi lefty communist marxist, demon possessed, sexually abused....socialist.

Without these daily additions the unwashed will be left, gods forbid it, to come their own conclusions which of course will leave you wide open to be sued by Foxnews for lack of journalistic integrity.