Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama File 54467: More exclusive evidence Obama is a Cylon

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well we here at the Loudoon Institute for the Propagation of Red Dawn Paranoia give you two thousand words.

If these images have not convinced you why we should live in fear of this cylon loving, lollypop, candyflossed looking wouldn't-hurt-a-fly nerd then you are a communist and a lover of Satan.

The redman is the president of New Zeeland now people, you should learn to live in fear like we all do here at Loudoon Estates. Get them bars on the windows, buy M16 assault rifles, stock up with Ayn Rand audio tapes and get to living isolated, its just a matter of time before the paratroopers come from the sky to force us into hippy leftist dope smoking love making.

Previous image found on Google exposed the new President as the 12th Cyclon:


Anonymous said...

Xenu have mercy!!! Its happening, the reds are coming and I'm trying my hardest Trevour to live in as much fear as possible.

Trevour Loudoon said...

Thats the way anon#1. Living in self propagated fear helps us to switch off those annoying functions like rational thinking and of course the big one, your ability to come to your own independent conclusions.

At the Loudoon Intitute we believe it is far easier just to be spoon fed fearful rhetoric and take it all in without the interuptions of those afore mentioned hindrances.

Shamus said...

Trevour a question. Is there a hotline where concerned citizens like myself can ring to dob in possible communist infiltrators.

I was at the corner of Queen and Custom st today parked behind someone driving a Lada car and I knew stragith away that the driver was a communist.

Trevour Loudoon said...

Try 0900-DOB-A-COMMIE calls cost $2.99 per minute. Children please ask your parents first, unless its your parents you are dobbing in.

Also check out our 'The Howto: of protecting your child from communism'.

And also:
Exclusive evidence that links leftists to Satan

Shifty McGraw said...

I knew it! It was the last series of Battlestar Galactica which I was watching during the election run up. I knew that either Boltar or Obama were going to be the 12th Cylon.

He needs to be flushed out the airlock along with the NZ melon Green Party.

Trevor Chapman said...