Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trevor Loudon admits to supporting Communist China styled surveillance techniques

Loudon's recent confession that he supports the NZ growing authoritarian regimes tactics that have been levelled against leftist political dissidents will come as little surprise to those of us who have been monitoring his gradual admission that deep down he supports the use of political and military tactics used by his favourite Libertarian, the Late General Pinochet, and his favourite enemy, Communist China, on activists in this country that do not support his liber-terror-ian extremist views.

'Augusto' was famous for two things, implimenting Libertarian economic reform ideology at the end of a gun, and the suppression of leftist groups. When we say 'suppression', we mean the 2279 leftist activists whose bodies were never found. To add to that were the findings of the Valech Report that 30,000 political dissidents had been tortured by the worlds first Libertarian Government.

Too add to that winning start, two of Loudons heroes, McCain and Friedman both pandered to Pinochet, paying him visits during his reign of terror adding support to the notion that Libertarianism will lead to another round of fascism.

So these next comments by Loudon come as little surprise concerning the revelations that the Special Intelligence Group are monitoring leftist activists.

Loudon States:

I thoroughly approve of the police action here.

Words that will come back to haunt Loudon as he revells in the latest revelation of police authoritarianism?

We shall wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Trevor is good and you are all bad people for attacking Trevor with these adhorrible attackes.

Mildrid Bush said...

All leftists are communists therefore terrorists and need to be thrown into guantamino bay.

Kyle Loudon said...

I feel a lot of fear for the state of our country of Nu Zealand. What with our new president being a communist in all, I know the day is coming when we will see the paratroopers land outside our schools, come to take our children to be brainwashed into leftest hippy dope smoking free love. GOD SAVE US ALL!!!

Trevor Chapman said...

The authors of this interweb site thing need to be charged with terrorism and locked away for a long time for that banner at the top of this interweb page.

Lothar von Loudon said...

I can smell a commie at 100 metres. There are commies here running this here web thing, I know it!!!

Trevor Pinochet said...

All these trevors, what the fuck is going on!!!!

Lou Don Brash said...

I have found a link to the website for the Loudon Institute for Advanced Anti-Communist Research. Click here to see it.

Whackm4Health said...

National is in power now losers. Your precious Labour tried to take away our child beating sticks and now they are toast!