Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Delusional cult figures to lead conservatives out of slavery?

In a new blog post, we get to see the true delusions behind the mask of Trevor Loudon's ultra right beliefs. It seems that Loudon envisages himself as NZ's version of the HoaxNews created cult of personality figure Glenn Beck, who believes much like Beck does with the US, that he is a prophet sent to NZ to lead the people from socialist, pinko, communist, al qaeda, fascist, nazi, melon greenism.

In the past the Cult of Personality Model (COPM) was mostly employed by revolutionary and/or Soviet styled regimes as a method of controlling the masses. Most famous are Stalin, Saddam Hussein, George Washinton and Kim Jong Il. By and large though, COPs are usually spoken of with distain by pro western leaders and commentators and the term is rarely applied to their own leaders unless that leader is an Obama type figure (a democrat/liberal president...). so it comes of 'some' surprise that this move by Foxnews to create their own cult of personality type persona and is an event horizon for the right wing fascists in their overtness as the corporately sponsored movement heads down the inevitable path to its own self indulgent and broken arsed end.

In the days of old COPM figures often arose when country's dictator leaders used the mass media to purposefully idealise and create the perception of a heroic persona/personas. In the West traditional dictatorships have become less popular in politics but still exist and are maintained in the standard top down pyramidic corporation model, the structure that Loudon loves more than life.

With the void left in the west by its use of 3 or 4 year leadership regimes, powerful corporations have been able to step up and fill the void by creating the Corporate Cult of Personality (CCOPM) in order to achieve corporate control over the voting minds of political masses in order to, say, affect the results of the next election to ensure their intended candidate takes the helm of the fatherland.

In terms of the CCOPM vs COP strategies, the techniques are by and large the same; the use of mass media, the propping up of a fictitious character into infamy, the employing of evangelical charismatic techniques of mass emotional and religious manipulation - Loudons description of the, 'message of redemption', 'is to be saved' and 'will be a huge part of that salvation', are case and point. So the big question is where to from here for Loudon? Is this a signal that his delusions of grandeur have passed the point of no return, that he in fact sees himself as this Moses type figure prophesied to lead the people out of slavery, slaves of social conscience, and slaves of global responsibility, to be subjected to the iron fist of the invisible hand?

The other issue that is foremost on the minds of those concerned about the rise of corporate fascism in this country is the reach of such megacorporations such as the HoaxNews Network. Add to that the rumours circulating that Loudon has been receiving corporate funding from the US.
If it is true then one wonders if this type of attention from the likes of HoaxNews is assisting in the complete deterioration of Loudons general state of mental stability.

We say this because we care....no really we do!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Return of the Baron of Bromidic Baraknaphobia

Having failed to introduce his southern malt liquor into the ghetto markets of the USA, Trevor Loudon has returned to New Zealand defeated - Barak Odynamite (see below) and his coalition of communists still at the helm.

So where to next for the banal baker from Barrington? More Machiavellian browbeating from the beer-goggle wearing barnaby, bethumping bicephalously about the bilharziac blasphemy of Barack ODynamite?

Perhaps the 2 biscuits short of a bakers dozen bobblehead should boot lick his way back to his old bluecoat abode before bespewing more of his Benjamin bushery while boring the living Kaneh Bosm out of this bacchic bard.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What do Glenn Beck and Barack Obama have in common?

What do Glenn Beck and Barack Obama have in common?

1/ They both smoked weed
2/ They both speak English
3/ They both have the letters, "c", and, "k", in their names...

NewZeel: doing our bit to bring unity and clarity to a world full of hypocritical, sanctimonious, double-speaking drones of the Borg.

Climate Change agenda finally exposed

Celebrating the return of Trevor Loudon with another Baghdad Bob classic.

Hat tip to Bobby Loudon for the heads up.