Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Raid vs Blackflag who will win

The Trevmeister from OtherZeal smuggly gloats at the demise of more Tuhoe arrested today in continued police raids after the October 15 invasion of Tuhoe Sovereign Land by Crown forces.

Except what he doesn't know, and is about to know, is that this time they asked....yep, admitting that they completely fucked up last time, they used their local Maori Liaison officer, a Mr Wallace Haumaha to liaise with Tuhoe representatives to negotiate the hand over of the Ruatoki resident for arrest.

This resulted in the Ruatoki resident handing himself in earlier today at the Whakatane police station to be arrested and processed.

Wow what a big difference when you respect the sovereignty of the Tuhoe people, and the autonomous area they live in, instead of charging in there like silly SS storm troopers and whirling around in helicopters with snipers hanging out the sides trying to show who's boss.

This surely must be in Trevs mind, a compromise with terror? at least a compromise with the communist?


Anonymous said...

Good point

Anonymous said...

Its still shocking what they are doing, irregardless of their recognition of the mistakes they made last time.

Anonymous said...

When are you anarchists going to learn. We cannot, non, we will not tolerate anyone other than the right-wing possessing weapons.

Anonymous said...

You anarchists make me want to chuck up. There is only one sovereignty in this country and its not those tuhois ok! They signed the treaty so that means they have to tow the line just like everyone else!!!