Sunday, January 20, 2008

All about NZ Libertarianism, exposed

The central purpose of our fascist ideology, well the bit we don't really talk about, is to shift the wealth from the traditional bourgeois elite, aristocratic class, to the private hands of another plutocratic class of wannabee elitests via a belief system that centers around privitisation and supposedly minimising Government. ps thats our little secret, please don't tell anyone.

We do this by forming interest groups loaded with political entrepreneurs like myself, who infiltrate major political partys, establish themselves in places of power then like our great infiltrators Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, infect our libertarian politics as was done with Rogernomics.

Even though we talk about reducing Government, this is really just empty rhetoric since we know this is never going to happen. If you look at the first Libertarians to come to this country, that of the NZ Company, who conned the natives from masses of land, actually caused the formation of the first Government, through to Wakefields company who enjoyed the military support of the NZ Militia (ancestor of the modern militarised police force) which enabled it to to commit deeds of blood and rapine...via the machinery of the law to be used for purposes of transferring masses of land from natives to the private ownership of our European ancestors.

So while we talk a lot about reduced Government, we really believe in a more oligarchyist form of government filled with people like ourselves, and we still secretly see the military and police as having a significant role in implimenting and maintaining our newly gained wealth.

Even though we know that its the combination of militarism, corporatism, regimentation, nationalist chauvinism, plutocracy, the glorification of conflict over commerce and of brute force over intellect essentially leads to fascism, we find that since we privately agree that some of those parts of the combination of fascism as necessary to maintaining our private wealth, it is much easier to distract the masses by just calling fascism something else.

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Libertarians can eat my nuts!