Saturday, January 26, 2008

UN Stalinist To Grill Government Over "Urewera 17"

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The rapporteur mentioned in this case is Prof. Rodolfo Stavenhagen. With a name like Rodolfo you will expect nothing short of Communist, Nazi'ist, leftesm set to drive this country into Soviet domination and acts of wanton un-married sexual intercourse.

With trotski loving pinkos like Rodolfo (pert near call him Adolfo) around, how is the New Zealand supposed to be able to act as it feels fit to, without accountability, a tenant of our great Libertarian ideology.

We have the right to do, that which we have a right to do.

Our usual front is to promote this right by misdirecting the public focus to solely about the liberty to transfer goods, however hiding behind all of that fracade is our belief that we (I mean our military police) should be able to seige any sector, town, village, suburb, school buses or ethnic group in our country with our Special Terrorisng Groups, anytime we feel our liberty is threatened.

We have the freedom and liberty to detain them all, even their fathers, mothers and children, number them, and hold them all at gunpoint, where said group even slightly interfers with our libertarian ideals.

What we don't need is the added hassle of these namby-pamby stalin-loving soviets like 'Adolfo' and his totalitarian U.N playing guilt conscious with us. We live in a free country for Goodness sakes.

His time would be better spent on the abismal level of health services in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world you loser!

Trevour Loudoon said...

Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out...COMMIE LOVER!

Anonymous said...

Liberty of the person---Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily arrested or detained. NZ 1990 Bill of Rights