Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why we need a different flag

There are many things about the colour red that I dislike other than the fact that it is the recognised colour of baby eating communist pigs fascist flag. Red for example is the colour of aggression, of criminality (being caught red-handed), a place of perverse and leud activity (redlight districts), Mao Zedong was known as the Red Sun, and alongside its communist and anarchist connitations, red is of course the colour of Satan, the author and creator of Communism. see:

For a while now I have been staring at the NZ flag douvet on my bed, NZ flag wallpaper and NZ flag carpet on the floor, and trying to figure out what it is about the flag that I dislike.

Finally it dawned on me this morning while giving betsy the sheep a good ol shagging out in the barn, (nothing like running your hands through that greasy white wool) before running off to the bakery, that it was in fact the four filthy commie red stars that adorn our glorious flag that was the cause of my dislike.

We need a new flag that better represents the new NZ. At first I thought of replacing the red stars with green ones, as in our green hillsides, but then the dope smoking greenies would cum on themselves if that was the case.

Black is out because those smelly anarchists and pirates stole that colour in their flags. Blue is National, brown is, well you guessed it, gray is the oldies, violet is stolen by the Destiny church, which leaves yellow, which would have been ok except Kyle Chapman stole that with his Bebo page skin "Bananas Are Yummy" see:

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