Monday, January 21, 2008

Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Green Party!

Why I think the Green Party are fascists. Before we go there we must first discuss what is fascism. Fascism is communism, and communism is Satan's brainchild for modern man.

Green politics draws its ethical stance from a variety of sources, from the values of indigenous peoples (Maori terrorists), to the ethics of the Bolshevik Mohandas Gandhi, Darwinist Satanist Spinoza, and the hermeneutic nazi Uexküll.

Greenist fascist tendencies:
- They believe in rampant unbridled collectivism and as we know, collectivism leads to communism with leads to Satan.
- Oppose economic growth
- Anti-globalist
- Like all Satanists they are opposed to nuclear power and reject technologies that cause significant damage to the biosphere.
- They oppose any wars designed to advance international capital, like the War on Terror.
- Women are seen as human beings with all the rights and privilege of males.
- They smoke dope with abandon
- Believe in free love, sex outside of marriage, fornication and homosexuality.

No doubt by now you will be as shell-shocked as I am at the realisation that this has been festering quietly in our country unchecked, and un-raided. I am surprised that our Ministry for State Security is not more vigilant in suppressing the advancement of rampant green terrorism.

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