Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cubans Favour NZ Over Australia-No Surprises There

The Cubans are coming!!! --- The Cubans are coming!!! --- The Cubans are coming!!! I have been since the beginning, trying to bring down the totalitarian dictatorship of the Castro boys via my blog.

But no, no one was listening, and now the Cubans have gotten a foothold in New Zealand with the establishment its communist outpost (embassy) in our nations capital late last year.

Don't you all see that this is the first step toward having Hugo Chavez running this country. Firstly they'll fill this country with those strikingly handsome Cuban males who will steal our womenfolk away with their suave Cuban Satanic charm, then bombard our clothes stores with their trendy commo-clothes and very soon we will be New Cuba not New Zealand!

It will only be a matter of time till Orlando Borrego comes here and together with Nandor Tanczos, leads the Greens/Zapatista/Anarchist/Maori alliance in overthrowing our Government, forcing us to smoke Cuban cigars and giving us a real free health care system that gives the highest level of healthcare in the world.

Here are a couple of Blogs you should totally emmerse yourselves in, I know I do, everyday.

A blog for all of us who think that any dialog with KASSTRO (Castro) is just an excuse to perpetrate his tyranny.

It is now clear that Fidel Castro is days or minutes away from death. Any bets on actual date of death?


jo said...

bring it on baby!

Pink Watch said...

My sons school had a visiting speaker who spoke about working together as a community and immediately I knew he was a Cuban infiltrator with all that collectivist talk.

AugustoJose Ramon Lopez(aka A Pinochet) said...

I Knew it, these bearded chauvinists
Che Guevara lovers and Salsa dancers are coming to diseminate their seminal juices in our God fearing Victorian ladies and then procreate Zapatistas with balaclavas and all. I knew it but Trevor, you finally confirmed it.I bought a Condonlauncher x protection just in case they attacked from the rear,Trevor's favourite flank!!!
I am sure that Argentinian hippylooking bike ryder is laughing all the way in his grave, his master plan finally came to fruition.
Thanks God we still have the Queen!!

Anonymous said...

Oh god! Some hippies were smoking dope at the back of their combi van this morning, Im wondering if there is a commie watch help line where I can ring and report such incidents.

Trevour Loudoon said...

Yes indeed there is, its

Calls cost $299 a minute (plus GST thanks to Rogernomics)