Sunday, January 20, 2008

A look back at our greatest Libertarian moment in history.

In what I call our finest hour, Augusto Pinochet steps into power ousting communist pro-castroist president Alliende in a coup that would set Chile up to be the great Libertarian economic experiment in the wild.

Between 1973 and 1989, a US government sponsored team of economists trained at the University of Chicago dismantled or decentralised the Chilean state as far as was humanly possible. Their program included privatising welfare and social programs, deregulating the market, liberalising trade, rolling back trade unions, and rewriting its constitution and laws...

Chile's economy became more unstable than any other in Latin America... growth during this 16-year period was one of the slowest of any Latin American country. Worse, income inequality grew severe. The majority of workers actually earned less in 1989 than in 1973 (after adjusting for inflation), while the incomes of the rich skyrocketed.

In the absence of market regulations, Chile also became one of the most polluted countries in Latin America. And Chile's lack of democracy was only possible by suppressing political opposition and labor unions under a reign of terror and widespread human rights abuses.

It took the murders of 2,279 political dissidents and the torturing of a further 30,000 proletariats by our great Libertarian overlord 'Augy' to prepare the way for the wonderful era of deregulation of business and privatisation.

Augy's government abolished the minimum wage, forced up food prices, banned trade union rights, and pretty much privatised everything else except the copper business which profits he used to fund his regime.

Ok ok since then poverty has doubled to 40%, the percentage of Chileans without adequate housing increased from 27 to 40 percent, however one must look at the upsides, example, by the end of it all, the richest one-fifth of the population controlled 45% of the wealth compared to 7.6% for the poorest one-fifth, which is the point really.

At the time of his death, Augy had been implicated in over 300 criminal charges laid by marxist socialists. Caravan of Death was a Chilean Army death squad and one of our finest examples of how theoretical ideas such as the hierachial libertarianist economics, cannot survive without fascist militarism, and leads to fascist slaughter every single fucking time.


Anonymous said...

As a neo-liberal I it necessary to agree to the use of arms to achieve my libertarian/authoritarian aims.

Anonymous said...

I can see what Pinochet was a good libertarian...they all like to hide that nutty loopy killing streak till they get into power.

A Jose Ramon (Daniel Lopez Ugarte) said...

C'on leave me alone . I knew nothing and if I knew I have forgotten it.Anyhow my real name was not Augusto Pinochet but Augusto Jose Ramon Lopez also known as Daniel Lopez, or Juan Guillermo Lopez or Alfredo Ugarte or augusto Ugarte Lopez and so on, an so on. You see, the purpose was to change my name so these commy bastards could not find me and assesinate me as much as they wanted, so I kept in changing my name until I almost forgot who I really was.When I went to that terrible London to see aunty Matgi (who remind me of my real name) and have a cuppa with her, I had a sharp pain on my back and I went for a small surgery, these fucking spaniards tried to arrested me and I spent two humillianting years in The London Clinic. See how vengeful they can be? these godless
semihumans who are in the pay of Moscow all they could think was to take their hateful revenge on me, but they diid not count in my cheekyness- i declared nothing I know nothing and If i knew it i forgot it- is my classic approach. I am dead now, and I was cremated-see, God divided us and God united us- I am smoke as much as some of my victims
So please see the irony??

Anonymous said...

You make me sick. You go around on the Internet and anonymously harass Trevor Loudon? This is cyber-bullying. You remind me of a certain British neo-Nazi who ran the so-called anti-Communist site known as Redwatch.

You are just like that neo-Nazi activist trying to advocate violence and also cyber-bullying against the opposition. You know you can't rename anonymous anylonger on the Internet knowing what sort of violations you have done to an Internet blogger.