Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trevor off for a week of revitalisation?

Last month Loudon asks the following question:

Are Marxists Mental? Are Lefties Loony? Are Anarchists Addled? Are Socialists Psychotic? Are Pinkos Peculiar?

Loudon asks this question in an attempt to smear his political enemies, but really is this something he should be asking himself, because we think this is some sort of subconscious attempt by Loudon to reach out for help as he slips further and further into paranoid delusions.

Considering his recent display of Obama-phobia reaching psychotic proportions with a record of 20 consecutive blogs to date, almost converting his desperate blogspot into an exclusive anti-Obama campaign, without even mentioning his abject fear of communist red devils in every corner and shadow, seeking to spring their evil plan for world domination by taking over our libraries....well we think its about time Trev owned up to his illness and submitted himself for a mandatory 7 day mental health assessment.

Perhaps he has taken our advice with his latest delusional and slightly paranoid schizophrenic statement:

Back Soon Freedom Fighters

Blogging off for a while.

Emergency CIA training camp.

I'll be back to the counter-revolution re-energised and re-programmed in a week.

The path to sanity begins with honesty Trevor, this is not a good start.


Anonymous said...

Cripes what a mental fucktard.

Gunny Sgt Hartman said...

Jesus H Fucking Christ! You Goddamn anarchist heathens, you had best sound off that you love your president, George Bush, or I'm gonna stomp your guts out!

Anonymous said...

Hes gone undercover to get covert pictures of the urewera 19.

Anonymous said...

What a dick

Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

Trevor is exhausted !

His little "meaningful right-wing prick" bubble has been burst and he's away licking the wounds inflicted by New Zeel.

A recent highly authoritative study showed that only 0.1414352 of a human being has ever responded to an individual Poo Peal (New Zeal) article. And you gotta remember it'd be less than that except for Mah Mah's over the top zionist gladhanding. To Trev.....reciprocated by Trev.

And in the meantime His Rotundity was getting off all self-satisfied about what a "Force For Freedom" he is.

In contrast consider the 90+ posts on New Zeel in response to the truism "Israel a Terrorist State".

Revised Ratio.....IDF:128 Palestinians:7.

Nazi Bastards !

Anonymous said...

Kyle Chapman must be running one of his retreats for worn out righties.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trevor Loudon has gone to convince the National Front that they are actually a pack of lefties.

Anonymous said...

If he did, thats probably why he isnt back yet.