Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Trade For Oil Men

National has come out gunning for the free-trade deal, but ACT however have remained fairly cool on their response to Chinese Government atrocities committed in Tibet and to the pending coined free trade agreement.

In the past various ACT members have said that a free-trade agreement with China could be a good thing. Various members of ACT also supported other totalitarian regimes too like Augusto Pinochet's Chilean junta who tortured 30,000 people and thousands of others were either killed or went missing, never to be seen again.

A poll run on the ACT Party website a whiles back showed that around 60% 0f ACT supporters agreed to the idea of a FTA with China. When Prebble was running the show he was in full support of the idea of an FTA with China, in fact encouraging Labour to sign an agreement with China.

Hyde has said before that he believed that free trade is good for New Zealand in reference to the impending FTA with China.

Well we know that idiot-boy Loudon hates all the tea in China because of the red devil commies that ran/run the place... So while he is would be for a free trade deal with pretty much any totalitarian genocidal Government, it would depend on whether said Government were red star wearing filthy commies or not....to get his tick of approval? We say we don't give a flying shit what the bent of the regime is, genocide is genocide.


Anonymous said...

'genocide is genocide'

This is exactly the point.

Anonymous said...

greens are againt it, has act backed up keith locke?!!!

Anonymous said...

ACT want the deal. Douglas is Labour incarnate with a bit of Pinochet for brunch.

Anonymous said...

"We say we don't give a flying shit what the bent of the regime is, genocide is genocide."

Hear hear!