Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Trevor Loudon off to FEMA training camp

When it comes to the likes of Trevor Loudon and the secret intelligence groups like the NZ Combined Threat Assessment Group, you are dealing with highly politically fueled and extremely paranoid delusional people who constantly equate any political dissent with terrorism.

To give you some idea here is a small clip of similar groups in the USA, in this case members of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) who tasks are the following:

The primary mission of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is to reduce the loss of life and property and protect the Nation from all hazards, including natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters, by leading and supporting the Nation in a risk-based, comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation.

But as you can see from the video, they have a more sinister brainwashing agenda reminiscent of those found in this country's top spy echelons and not surprisingly, also at New Zeal.

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