Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trev is back

Not that we missed him, but while he was away at Kyle Chapman's 'survival camp' it gave us the needed time to get in a bit of composting, build a stirling engine which runs on heat from the sun and of course, endless sessions of anarcho lovemaking-to-u-drop.

Now lets see, whats the latest from the pro-Bush Loudon.....ok...hmmm....yeeeep a concoction of the usual, commies are everywhere....Al-Qaeda has set up a base in the Urewera to teach acid-Jazz Jewish music....oh ok here we go, heres one...

Top Chavista To Visit New Zealand

Pro-slaughter of the Palestinians, Mah666 says:
A member of the Left's favorite warmongering neo-Communist state in Latin America is in New Zealand. Will these "peace activists" protest Chavez's warmongering rhetoric toward Colombia over the death of Raul Reyes, member of FARC?

Gee I thought it was the INVASION OF ECUADOR by the Columbian military that lead to the tensions between Columbia and Venezuela....seems I was wrong.

I also thought that there was a difference between warmongering rhetoric and.....I dunno....actually going to fucken war, but no, according to 'Death to all Palestinians' Mah666 there isn't.....

...oh shit! Venezuela restores Colombian diplomatic ties ...oh well never mind Trevvy-poos, no Stalinist war this week.


Anonymous said...

Chavez's brother looks like a right git!

Anonymous said...

Loudickheads latest is to insinuate that fund raising for the defence fund for the Tuhoe freedom fighters is funding terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Who is the hill billy wanker sitting next to Hugo?