Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally Exposed! Who Was REALLY Behind NewZeal

In his latest attempt for credibility, Trevor Loudon has tabled his paranoia into an article that Investigate Magazine has released.

See: Finally Exposed! Who Was REALLY Behind NZ's Anti-Nuclear Stand?
RED SQUARES The untold story behind New Zealand’s ANZUS breakdown

New Zealand’s break with the US over nuclear warship visits in 1985 has become an iconic symbol of Kiwi independence. In this new investigation, however, BERNARD MORAN and TREVOR LOUDON argue the New Zealand politicians became pawns in a much bigger game, a game they were unaware of...

Whoa backup....Bernard Moran?


Bernard Moran:
A freelance journalist by training Bernard has a long association with the military, serving in the UK and Europe as well as with the New Zealand Army in the Intelligence Corps. A director of Trinity Associates, an information research firm, he brings 20+ years of journalistic field investigative skills grounded in military intelligence experience. He has built an extensive network throughout the Pacific Basin and is well 'connected' in the United States as well. Bernard is a member of 'Sub Rosa' the Military Intelligence Association as well as many other professional associations. Skills include country studies, security assessment and information collection.

Sounds like a spy to you?


Anonymous said...

Well thats final then, Trevor Loudon is in cohorts with the CIA, and I though he was suffering from McArthurism, this is intentional and subversive of him.

Anonymous said...

Trevor is good and all you jumbo bin raiding, snail saving, hairy armpit anarchists are bad.

Anonymous said...

Bernard Moron is gonna hunt your lefty arses down and send you all to Guatanamo!

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a spy to you?"

Na just another Rick James fool wannabe someone.

Anonymous said...

rrrrrrrwhat!!! It's Dylan! Dylan Moran. Dylan. Wine! Red Wine!