Monday, March 10, 2008

Philippine Government takes its lead from Loudonism?

Philippine Government has followed in the footsteps of Trevor Loudon by listing any critic of its ideology of oppression as terror suspects . Several New Zealanders appear on both the temporary Philippine Government blacklist and Trevor Loudon's Blacklist including Jane Kelsey.

Of no surprise is the omission by Loudon of this sentence from his quote from Pinoypress:

The Philippines government should stop blacklisting peaceful critics and banning them from entering the country, Human Rights Watch said today.

As usual everyone else is aware that the list is merely suppressing the entry of anyone that would criticise and expose the Philippine Government's use of death squads and summary executions, everyone else in the world can clearly see the bigotry naming dissidents as Al Qaeda terrorists...everyone except of course for you guessed it...

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- NGO fears impact of gov't's counter-insurgency programs on Lumads

- Death squads spare no one in the Philippines
Since President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came to power in 2001, Philippine human rights organizations counted already more than 700 extra-judicial killings. Death squads are targeting progressive activists and leaders of people's organizations but even health workers are not spared. This is the testimony of a staff of one community based health program...

Dangerous Regime, Defiant People - KARAPATAN 2007 Human Rights Report
THE YEAR 2007 is a dangerous time for the Filipino people as state terror, impunity in human rights violations and general lawlessness grip the nation. The government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has done little to stop the political killings and disappearances except take token steps to assuage local and international outcry. On the other hand, the year also signals victories in the people’s relentless struggle against political repression and state terrorism as the victims’ clamor for justice and democracy is echoed here and abroad.

There is no clearer picture of the Arroyo government’s iron-fist mindset and utter disregard for human rights than the sight of full-battle-geared policemen and an armored personnel carrier smashing into a tear-gassed hotel lobby to “serve an arrest warrant” to a handful of rebel soldiers and civilians, and afterwards, police
herding in the journalists and broadcasters covering the incident, their wrists strapped, like suspected criminals.....


Anonymous said...

Loudon says: "George-Jane kelsey is promoting socialism. The Philippines government is not perfect, but is better than anything the CPP or the Moro rebels could provide."

Oh I see, so genocide A.K.A Nazism is cool with Loudon as long as its not socialism.

Anonymous said...

Same with his support for Terrorism. Its cool as long as its the USA or Israel committing the act.

Rodney said...

I would take a right wing genocidal government anytime over a socialist government.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rodneys hardline attitude had been tamed post his endeavours into extraterrestrial samba...guess the yo yo effect is taking hold

Anonymous said...

Why dont you commies leave Trevor alone. All you do is make us stronger. We will not give in until every one of you lefty maggots are thrust from this country.

Anonymous said...

If Trevor thinks all you anarchists are terrorist then I think the same. Trevor is generally alway right.

Anonymous said...

"Same with his support for Terrorism. Its cool as long as its the USA or Israel committing the act."

Israel could be quite a beacon for peace in the middle east if it could only give up on its expansionist ideas.