Saturday, September 5, 2009

Has FoxNews appropriated New Zeal from Trevor Loudon?

A recent poll of New Zeal readers shows that 99.5% of readers are becoming concerned at the lack of NZ content on Trevor Loudon's New Zeal blog.

Rumours are also circulating that the blog has been hacked by pro-FoxNews hackers. After quick scan of his blog it is quite easy to see how these rumours have arisen as one would have to scroll back almost as far as July 2009 to find a blog article that is not defaming the US Commander and Chief Obama or about whipping up fear about the US Communist Party.

However a quick analysis of the writing style of each article in the last month of additions shows without a doubt, with the usual chronic McArthiest rhetoric of a bygone era, that indeed it is still Trevor Loudon authoring his own blog. We need to remember that Trevor's anti-communist rhetoric can even outfox the culmination of writing skills of Rush Limbaugh's script writers.

This is though perhaps a clear warning to blog authors not to allow their writing skills to be purchased by donations, many authors becoming weary of mega corporations who could easily appropriate their skills with endless means corporations possess, as has been suggested by some who challenge the integrity of Trevor's blog since he added the Paypal Donate function.


Cletus Duke said...

Without Trevor Loudon we would not have been able to stop Obama from becoming president and imposing Soviet/Cuban/Al Qaeda Communism upon the United Steaks.

Anonymous said...

I agree Loudon needs to get back to focussing on the rise of Stalinism in the National Party Act Maori Party coalition, so we can get back to laughing at his bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute! Nu Zealand is in the US of A isn't it???

Anonymous said...

Nope its a protectorate of the Republic of China.

Anonymous said...

Foxnews is the voice of moderation in a fascist Obama regime.