Sunday, July 5, 2009

Make Mine Freedom

Complaints have been pouring into our EXPOSE AUTHORITARIANISM hotline 0800 INEVI-TABLE. The person in charge of the telephonists Anita Bonghit says that within the last few days they have received more calls than the swine flu hotline about the upsurge in totalitarianism over at New Zeal.

Unlike Trevor Loudon's New Zeal blog, our blog here at New Zeel is free for all to make comment on whether dissentive or not. It is sad to see Trevor Loudon go the way all right wing capitalists eventually go, into inevitable totalitarianism, but this is now the case at New Zeal. Here we stand by the ideal of 'make mine freedom', unlike what is sadly transpiring over at Loudon's Blog.

Our challenge again to Loudon is to not be afraid of dissent to your ideas even though it may mean taking a beating on your own blog from time to time, its something you can use as a learning curve rather than just shut down debate that points out the absurdities of some of your ideas.

Either that or wear the badge of dictator with pride and carry on being a totalitarian prick.


Anonymous said...

If I had my way none of you terror loving activists would be allowed on the internet let alone using the net to promote your terror agendas.

Anonymous said...

What you socialists need to realise is this is not communist Russia now ok, this is democracy in action now, western democracy ok, where we are in control not you lot! If you want a place where you can vent all your leftist verbage then piss off to Russia.