Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Trevor Loudon / Libyan terror link?

Shocking new links linking Trevor Loudon to Gaddafi via his favourite MP and deputy leader of the Act Party, Rodney Hyde have emerged. Trevor Loudon was of course the deputy president of Roger Douglas's Act Party.

John Key and his Supercity Czar Rodney Hyde.
Roger Douglas's deputy Rodney Hyde talks confidence and supply between Act and National with journalists.

This picture is clear evidence of their close political ties. The Act Party several thousand strong membership has grown increasingly militant over the years until the point its policies are almost indistinguishable from those of the Pinochet regime.

The Act Party has some cross membership with the Libertarian Party and considerable cross-membership with the the equally militant Lindsay Perigo and his extremist SOLO group and also with enturbulating Scientology groups.

In an article in the lead up to the last election Lindsay Perigo states concerning the overthrow of the Government, "It is the right and duty of New Zealand citizens to throw off this government, which has long evinced a desire—nay, a compulsion—to subjugate us to absolute despotism"

Key meets with Obama to discuss the importing of communism and death panels into New Zealand

This shows the close political and friendship ties between the doting John Key and the Kenyan born antichrist Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Links also exist between Obama's middle name 'Hussein', and Al Qaeda terrorism.

Rumours are circulating as well by Trevor Loudon that it wasn't voters that brought Barack Obama to power but in fact a million or so communists, terrorist and traitor linked groups who endorsed him into power.

Then there is the political ties that are created by this picture between Obama Hussein and Lockabee terror mastermind and all round UN frat party bad sport Mumar Gaddafi. Gaddafi, the USA's Emmanuel Goldsteinn devil during the 1980s is seen here completing the Loudonic link from Trevor to Rodney Hyde to Lockabee terror.


Logan Square = Red Square said...

Blockbuster journalism! Trevor himself will have trouble approaching the standards you have just set. However, I doubt that will keep him from trying.

As a Chicagoan, I'm still waiting on reporting from NZ on the DSA ties to Mayor Daley, or Comrade Daley as some of us know him.

Blunt Roach said...

Thanks again to the brave journalism of Trevour Loudoon in picking up this story which clearly the MSM has ignored. Of course what these pictures fail to reveal is the drug trade going on here. Think about it, in the first pic, Hyde is describing the size of the heads on his cannabis plants and promises to slip John a $50 bag to spread the word about the quality of NZ weed on his journey to the big smoke.

Pic two is Key slipping the $50 bag to the Big O who then slips it to the big G in the 3rd photo.

Once Gaddafi had a toke on the bong...well we all heard him at the podium, off his nut, ravelled on for hours.

Since he has never heard of NZ he assumed the weed was from Obama's stash and makes the comment, "We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president of the United States of America", which is Libyan for, "brother, thats some dam crazy shit!"

The big G carried on to say, "How can you guarantee America after Obama", which is Libyan speak for, "quality control brother, quality control, keep that weed rolling, but not too much stalk and shit ok."

Once Gaddafi finds out that the shit came from NZ, well we can expect the Libyans to come seeking a free trade deal with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have FoxNews to undo your anarchist jihadi propaganda.

Anonymous said...

From Loudon to Qaddafi in 3 steps, impressive.

Mumar Loudon said...

You all have gone too far. Gaddafi is a terrorist and we spell his name with a G ok! Not a Q! Its Gaddafi, thats how you spell terror names, GET IT RIGHT terror lovers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck that is some awesome journo skills there people. In under 6 degrees of separation you have linked a slaughterer of logic and sense to a slaughterer of fashion.

Anonymous said...

"Links also exist between Obama's middle name 'Hussein', and Al Qaeda terrorism."

Haha, that is some funny shit.

Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

Hey New Zeel, whoever you are, I am pissing my pants laughing !

This is the best !

Don't get too good though.....some filthy rich anarchist/antichrist in the US might buy you, put yous on a fat stipend, just like Loudon, the one-time bun maker from Oxford, ZAPCanterbury......he who's now the toast of trailer-trash White America and that screeching Fox moll Glennis Beck.

You know I heard that so enraged and lost it was she, at your superb wit (Glennis that is), that she hacked her virtual penis off.

Scary !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Trevour for joining the dots.

Timoran Red Dawn said...

If Obama can become president and he is not even from the USA (I heard he was born in Hawaii not the USA), then Trevor Loudon can be our president too. Trevor you should run for elections in 2011.

In other more concerning news, I saw a Lada car the other day and I have been in hiding ever since. Has anyone seen any red dawn paratroopers yet, they must be on their way from their Cuban Timor base.

Anonymous said...

Because you people refuse to denounce palestinian terror, zapatista terrorism and you support alqaidas anti-globalization I can understand why you wish to persecute Trevor Loudon.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Loudon is heavily endorsed by the National Front proving that he is a racist and hates asians.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you fools go get a real job and pay some taxes for once in your lives. Trevor Loudon speaks for the people of America who don't want a black president but are too scared to say so.