Monday, January 12, 2009

Right Wing/Young Nats/Youth Parliament/Zionist

The Right Wing/Young Nats/Youth Parliament/Zionist alliance is real, growing and its HERE

The Right Wing/Young Nats/Youth Parliament/Zionist alliance should concern every freedom loving New Zealander.

When hard core right wing conservatives offer support with militant Zionist extremists, trouble is inevitable.

Read more about the so called, Kiwi Friends of Israel featuring Youth MP and Young Nats spokeperson Ed Brownlee (any relation to Jerry?).

Go here:

This blogetta comes in response to Trevor Loudon's red alert: Red Jihad

Also see Neville Gibson on Peace activism and Jihad


Anonymous said...

Look in the mirror and see how close you are to the Nazis, anti-Semitic scum.

I don't see you condemning the bombing of a Jewish temple in France. Yet you somehow decry anyone who is pro-Israel to be a "Nazi". Even when neo-Nazis like David Duke enjoy your company.

Anonymous said...

THis blog is obviously a front for al qaeda communism and melon greenery.

Mahri basher said...

This jihad blog should be shut down by the NSA.

Zippy said...

To all the haters of Israel and supporters of Hamas, Israel is merely defending itself against terrorists. Our objective in defending ourselves against these rocket attacks is a strategic objective, is to topple the Hamas regime of terror using our military might and economic means.

Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

You mongrels need the likes of lunatics like Duke to defame those who are appalled at the murder of babies. You actually need them and you're as nutty as them

You're not in the image of God, you're Nazis, Holocaust Nazis.

Just look at the numbers you bloodthirsty arseholes. Typical response too - "Snivel, snivel....this site should be shut down....snivel, snivel, whine whine...."

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that you communists are supporting Palestinian terrorism.

Carvil Loudon said...

This blog makes me sick to my skin. Typical lefist communists supporting palestinian terror groups, al qaeda communism, snail people jihad, anti smacking and bashing Israel.

Anonymous said...

Israel has the right to exist. We will protect that right even if it means nuking Gaza.

Anonymous said...

"Israel has the right to exist. We will protect that right even if it means nuking Gaza."

New Zeel idiots, Steve,

Do you realize what bigots you truely are? When have there been large pro-Israel advocates to nuke Gaza? If that were the case in your pathetic little world, Israel would still be in Gaza by now.

But they are not. Perhaps is it why that in your basement world, where you likely reside in your parents' home, that you do not seem to comprehend any thoughts other than to read and promote disinformation and propaganda?