Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Relic of Riccarton

In the 1950s we were brought McCarthyism as a political vice to slander any detractors to the Government of the day as being communists, socialists and any other term one could sling at ones political opponents in order to align them with the cold war enemy of the US, the filthy Russians...this allowed our wonderful state forces to lock up detractors under the guise of reds under every bed - a Cuban in every corner.

Then in 1969 Muammar Qaddafi seized control of Libya and handed the west another 20 years of fear except this time it was fearing a Libyan in every library trying to steal nuclear technology to build themselves the bomb. We got to falsely blame the Libyans for everything bad in the world including the Munich Olympic kidnappings through bombings and shootings all over the world. Added to that was the ol Ayatollah of Iran as runner up.

Then the 'powers that be' ran into a bit of a devil vacuum. The dreaded 90's. With no real demon to scare the living crap out of the west with - the commies were long gone, Sadam Hussein and an aging Fidel Castro, both failing to meet the expectations of previous devils that struck fear into the burger fat filled hearts of westies, as did Milosevich, whimpy Democrats in the US oval office, the Iranian suspect in the Oklahoma bombing that later turned out to be Timothy Mcveigh, and a raft of false flag bombings by CIA trained and resourced Moroccan terror cells - all failing to meet the high standard set by previous fear campaigns.

Then along came the 12th of September, 2001 (11th in the US) and boy oh boy....the perfect gift that keeps on giving. The Islamic terror network Al Qaeda which had been replaced by another group whose name is just too long to memorise, made the perfect candidate for the new demon of the decade to keep the peeon masses dying of fright and needing the big US based war machine. Although Al Qaeda has killed less people in the US than eating McDee burgers have, the big A.Q have easily filled the gap left by 20 years of the fear of the reds and 20 years of the fear of the Libyans and are set to carry on into the next decade as well.

Meanwhile....somewhere in Christchurch, New Zealand, sits Trevor Loudon at his typewriter. Behind him a US confederate flag sits limp, on his left a life sized mural of General Robert E. Lee, on the wall - a hand typed poster of the USA PATRIOT Act.....

There sits Loudon banging out post after post about how the communists are coming...a sad reminder of those poor Japanese soldiers who refused to believe that Japan had surrendered, and held out for another 30 years after the war was over.

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