Friday, January 29, 2010

The Book of Trev

Trapped in a parallel world ravaged by communism and melon green terror stands one man alone, holding back the tide of progression. After a cataclysmic election of Barack Hussein Obama that turned the earth into a complete Stalinist wasteland, the world has changed and is now overrun by red commie, free loving, godless hippies and unpatriotic terror loving, jihadist Washington whimps who hate America.

One man, Trevor Loudon, guided by the higher powers of the Galactic Confederacy to release the people from the hypnotic jungle rythms of the powers of darkness, the reds under the bed, the Libyans in every Library, the Kenyan antichristic Al Qaedaish president who has washed the USA of democracy and brought red jihadist totalitarianism to the west.

Ok is there really a point to all this, well not really, we were just screwing with a graphic and thought it was cool, then had to write something to go with it.


Anonymous said...

What needs to be exposed is which socialist media company is funding this blog.

Anonymous said...

I have proof that those that run this blog are being funded by socialists.

Anonymous said...

If they were they wouldn't be getting much, most socialists are generally poor.