Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Youtube clip Trevor Loudon does not want you to see

Since the Obama candidacy, Trevor Loudon has been in overdrive churning out google search results daily (called The Obama Files) in an attempt to prove that the US president Barack Obama is a secret agent for the left who has infiltrated Washington and taken the reigns of power placing the US on the verge of collapsing into a state of socialist, hippy, free love, dope smoking utopia.

This grand work of fiction by Trevor Loudon is based on his conpiracy theory that there is some secret alliance between leftists and Obama seeking to take over the USA. So we see from the content on Loudon's blog that he not only has the ability to use Google, but also to filter out any news items or Youtube clips that do not support his paranoia.

This speech by author, journalist, film maker and all round lefty, John Pilger speaking at Socialism 2009 in San Francisco, is case in point in this issue, exposing the truth that many on the left are vehemently opposed to the Obama regime, something of course we all know about, and is one of many such views from the left that exposes the grand conspiracy that Loudon has dedicated his life to creating, simply does not exist.


Logan Square = Red Square said...

Trevor's laughable

What's sad is how toothless and weak the left is in my country (U.S.). I doubt if one of Trevor's favorite targets, the Chicago DSA could, if every single DSA member worked only a single precinct for an election, carry their candidate, anywhere in my hometown, Chicago. Maybe in Vermont...

Pilger is way too optimistic about things here.

Anonymous said...

John Pilger is obviously being paid by the communists to try and paint a picture of a divided left when we all know that communists are trying to take over the USA and destroy our way of life.