Friday, August 15, 2008

Barack Obama-My Part in His Downfall-So Far

For the last several months, I have been working with a team of US google researchers, investigating the far left background of US presidential hopeful, Barack Obama by exclusively searching google our secret weapon against red devils.

Left Rahowa Nazi Guy, second left Augy Pinochet, Lotha Von Trotha, right, Trevour Loudoon.

The story of my involvement in this story goes back to the when Google first came onto the interweb thing.

I found that like previous presidents who enjoyed the support of the the right wing Klu Klux Klan, Obama had his supporters on the extreme left as well...namely the RED DEVILED COMMIES.

Consequently I put a lot of research into the special tricks you can use when searching google, like putting the parenthesis around search terms like "Obama commie devil", or adding the + symbol to make sure certain words turn up in a search, like +Obama +communist +devil. The search results showed 356,000 pages of results thus proving his links to communist terror.

356,000 pages linking Obama to terror is more linking than the Urewera 16/17/18/19/20 who we all know wore teeshirts with either Marcos or Guevara on them thus linking them directly to Al Qaeda.

We all know that gruesome discovery that proves without a doubt Obama's links to terror, and that being the Che Guevara poster that was spotted on the wall of his campaign office. I know, absolutely unrefuteable evidence.

This combined with the Google results show without a doubt his strong ties to terror and hippy love triangles, probably even worse, he probably prefers organic bread and the commie inspired free range eggs.

But the most damning of evidence that I have uncovered which links Obama directly to Communism and Satanism is this image also found on Google.

Obama making the sign of Satan

I think the image speaks for itself.


Drone No.1 said...

Well done! These creeps need exposing at every opportunity.

Drone No.2 said...

Wow thanks for search google for us Trevour. Without your search skills we would have voted for Barack Osama not realising he was the leader of Al Qaeda.

Drone no.3 said...

I think once we have bombed Iran to bits that will be the end of Communism for good.

Anonymous said...

I have exclusive proof proving Loudon suffers from McCarthist Syndrome. Simply search Google using this search string; Trevor Loudon McCarthyism

876 results thus proving his link to the disease.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the sign of Satan I knew Trevor Loudon was correct, Trevor Loudon was right. We need to make sure this black person does not see the light of day in the Whitehouse. If Obama wants to clean up the mighty USA he should start in his own and clean up Harlem and the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a baby eating marxist communist.

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing you marxist terrorists don't understand, we righties are just better than you at making up conspiracy theories.

Trumpy the Insult Comic Dog said...

listen son of Loudon, dont let your parents force you to become like them, Loudon Snr a sick man and in need of surgical intervention to remove his head from his ass. Learn to think for yourself or suffer the same ass invasion.

Anonymous said...

Ole Trevor has been in the US acting as a paid consultant for the GOP heros as they take down thje eveil Obama.

He will certainly be returning shortly with his sheep shorn.

Anonymous said...

Mother of Dog! Is there no one who can save us from the onrushing disaster that is a presidency of and by a qualified and duly elected candidate! OMG! Will the earth stop spinning? Just for a moment so I can catch my breath, you understand.

Trevour Loudoon said...

The communist Allah worshipping Satanist called Obama Bin Barrack, if elected, will lead the US and thus the free world into leftist marxist darkness.

We will be taking names of all those that vote for Obama and if McCain wins, then following the elections they will be charged with supporting terror.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately communist operatives, in league with the devil and supported by various homosexual moslem organizations hage deated por Treavor in his endevours to save the world from the Obama bin Laden terorist.

Not only that these communist devils have been laughing poor Trevor off his favorite kinky sex site, where he looks for that 'asian totty.'

These fiends have no shame.