Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NZ industry front group rears its ugly head

We give the StandoverGroup website 7/10 in the pisstake stakes.

From their website...

"An exclusive alliance of big businesses resolutely committed to the financial wellbeing of their stakeholders, the Standover Group works tirelessly to show the Government that less, not more regulation is not just the right way, but the only way to secure immediate prosperity for important business players."

"We recognise that an economy is like a pyramid of champagne flutes, and that only by filling up the vessel at the apex can wealth trickle down to those on the lower echelons.

Because of this, we believe that the greater good is serviced by first and foremost taking care of those – such as our members - at the pyramid’s zenith. Movers and shakers should not be encumbered with burdensome legislation and oppressive taxation, it’s as simple as that.

We know that our wealth offers unparalleled leverage over any government that fails to adopt our policies for responsible management of the economy."


CommieWatch said...

We are not fooled by your commie attempts to infiltrate our minds with hippy free love.

Steve Nice Guy Northland said...

Kia Ora Koutou,

We must do something about that mad baker from Oxford, Trevolting.

He's using our flag. Our flag which is so respected.

And he's using it to promote his illness. His social illness.

What can we do ?