Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China set to buy NZ, where is Trevor Loudon?

Answer, still fighting the US health reform bill, going down with the ship so to speak.

Finally the melon greens have their chance to bring in their socialist, communist, maoist, jihadist agenda into this country, by driving this Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings sale through...I mean, that is if you buy into Trevor London's nightmare scenario he has been painting about the Green Party for the last decade.

Now, lets check the ballistics, which political party is making noise opposing this sale? National Party? ACT? Libertarian Party?

The question the masses are asking is why is Trevor Loudon so obsessed with the African American president of the USA while his own country is coming under attack from big red business snapping up large sections of the business sector.

Do we have to state the obvious and point out that Loudons nightmare scenario is merely a silly cover for his distain for anything slightly socialist, and now that the Greens are the forefront of the fight to prevent big red China from buying this country up this leaves Loudon in a sticky position where he would have to eat his own words.........AGAIN????



At least 28 North Island dairy farms are involved in a Chinese group's plan to invest $1.5 billion in the New Zealand dairy industry – and some surprising names are emerging as being associated with the group.

Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings told the Hong Kong stock exchange yesterday that it had entered into an agreement to buy assets, including land, livestock and milk powder production plants in New Zealand for NZ$1.5b.

While dairy industry players racked their brains to think what substantial dairy processing player and its interests could command that sort of money, it emerged that Natural Dairy has a 20 per cent stake in a company of which Maori leader Sir Ngatata Love is a director.

Auckland lawyer Kerry Knight of Knight Coldicutt is legal adviser to Natural Dairy and the spokesman for the group is high-profile broadcaster Bill Ralston.

Mr Ralston said Natural Dairy had a 20 per cent stake in UBNZ Assets Holdings, the directors of which, according to Companies Office records, are Sir Ngatata, of Wellington, Keith Rushbrook of Auckland and May Wang of Auckland...

Full Story: Chinese eye dairy assets

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Charley Chan said...

Trevor Loudon is a secret a spy to make a righty believe he against the red peril when he really for bigga business deals.